Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 Xbox360 Cheats

Unlockable Teams

Unlockable                           How to Unlock
Classic ArgentinaWin the international cup with Argentina
Classic BrazilWin the international cup with Brazil
Classic EnglandWin the international cup with England
Classic FranceWin the international cup with France
Classic GermanyWin the international cup with Germany
Classic ItalyWin the international cup with Italy
Classic NetherlandsWin the international cup with the Netherlands


Unlockable                                    How to Unlock
100 Clean Sheets (25)A title awarded when you keep 100 clean sheets.
100 Goals(Become a Legend) (15)A title awarded when you score 100 goals in Become a Legend.
100 Matches (15)Awarded for playing 100 matches.
100 Wins (25)Awarded for winning 100 matches.
1st Pro Goal (10)Awarded by scoring a goal in Become a Legend.
1st Pro Man of the Match (10)Awarded by receiving a Man of the Match award in Become a Legend.
200 Goals(Become a Legend) (20)A title awarded when you score 200 goals in Become a Legend.
Ace Striker (15)Awarded by scoring many goals.
All Titles (50)Awarded for acquiring all titles in Become a Legend.
Best combination (10)Awarded when Legends Best combination reaches 3000 points.
Club Titles (20)Awarded by playing well for club in Become a Legend.
Combination Goal (20)A title awarded when you score a goal involving 4 users in Legends.
Come From Behind (10)A title awarded when you come from behind and win.
Conquered Europe (20)A title awarded when you win the Master League European Championship.
English League (15)Awarded for beating all English League teams.
Eredivisie (15)Awarded for beating all Eredivisie teams.
European Champions (50)A title awarded when you win the UEFA Champions League.
First Glory (10)Awarded for your first win.
FK specialist (15)Awarded by scoring many free-kicks.
Gentleman (20)Awarded by giving away less fouls.
Goal Getter (15)Awarded for scoring 100 goals.
Hat-trick (Network) (15)Awarded when you score a hat-trick in a Network Ranked match.
Hat-trick Hero (15)Awarded by scoring many hat-tricks.
High Win Ratio (Network) (30)Awarded by increasing your Network win ratio.
International Cup Debut (15)A title awarded when you play in the Become a Legend International Cup.
International Cup MVP (15)Awarded by playing well in Become a Legend's International Cup.
International Debut (10)A title awarded when you make your international debut in Become a Legend.
International Titles (20)Awarded by playing well for your national team in Become a Legend.
Italian League (15)Awarded for beating all Italian League teams.
Last-minute Win (10)A title awarded when you score the winning goal in extra time.
League Title (15)A title awarded when you win the D1 League in the Master League.
Legends Debut (10)A title awarded when a player created in Become a Legend plays in a Legends match.
Legends Master (50)A title awarded when you play with 100 users in Legends.
Ligue 1 (15)Awarded for beating all Ligue 1 teams.
Long Ranger (15)A title awarded when you score from 35m or more.
National Teams (15)Awarded for beating all the national teams.
Perfect Season (50)Awarded after the best "Master League" season.
Possession Play (15)Awarded by increasing ball possession.
Pro Debut (10)A title awarded when you make your Become a Legend pro debut.
Spanish League (15)Awarded for beating all Spanish League teams.
Super Sub (10)Awarded by playing well as Super Sub in Become a Legend.
Through the Group League (15)A title awarded when you advance through the group league in UEFA Champions League.
Top League Promotion (10)A title awarded when you are promoted to D1 in the Master League.
Total Combination (25)Awarded when Legends Total Combination reaches 30000 points.
UEFA Champions League Debut (10)A title awarded when you play for the first time in UEFA Champions League.
Ultimate Player (100)The most prestigious PES 2009 title.
Wanderer (10)Awarded by playing for many teams in Become a Legend.
Winning Streak (25)Awarded for winning 10 consecutive matches.
Winning Streak (Network) (20)Awarded when you have 5 successive Ranked match wins in the Network.
World Tour (15)Awarded for playing at all the stadiums.