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PUBG Full Release Date: When is PUBG 1.0 Xbox Launching?

Microsoft and Xbox announced yesterday that PUBG is set to leave the Xbox Game Preview program very soon. The PUBG Full Release date has been revealed, and gamers can look forward to playing PUBG 1.0 on their Xbox One console on September 4, 2018. It’s hard to believe that the popular battle royale game has technically been in early access beta ever since it was originally released in December 2017. The game will officially be a full Xbox One product soon, but that doesn’t mean that developer PUBG Corp will abandon it. Updates and improvements will continue releasing on a regular basis, despite the physical disk release.

PUBG Full Release Date: What’s Coming In The PUBG 1.0 Xbox Update?

According to Xbox Wire, the PUBG Full Release for the Xbox One will include several major updates and new pieces content. These include the Xbox One debut of the Sanhok map, which will introduce brand-new weapons, vehicles, and the dynamic weather feature for the first time in the console version of the game. The PUBG 1.0 Xbox update will also add the War Mode, delivering deathmatch-style gameplay where players will hunt each other in a static zone and respawn with a parachute and weapons if killed.

Additionally, players will be glad to learn that all achievements will carry over from the Xbox Game Preview version of PUBG into the PUBG Full Release. The PUBG 1.0 Xbox Update will also introduce in-game currency, allowing players to purchase cosmetics.

PUBG Full Release Date: PUBG 1.0 Xbox Physical Disc Details

The physical disc version of the PUBG Full Release will ship with the new #1.0/99 DLC Pack, which features a white branded hoodie and sweatpants and a custom Xbox skinned parachute to drop into battle in style. Check those out below.

PUBG Full Release PUBG 1.0 DLC Pack 1

PUBG Full Release PUBG 1.0 DLC Pack 2

Current owners of PUBG on the Xbox One, as well as those who purchase the PUBG Full Release digitally, will receive the #1.0/99 DLC Pack as part of the content update when PUBG 1.0 arrives on September 4, 2018.