Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia DS Cheats

New Game+

Finish the game and go to your file. Press right to access the clear sign and start a new game+ to restart the game with all your equipment, current level and money.

Queen Of Hearts

Beat hard mode in any capped level to unlock the Queen Of Hearts. It reduces the cost of a union to half of what it would usually costl.

V.I.P Card

If you purchase all the Items in the Shop, you will receive the V.I.P Card. It Gives you 20% off all items.

Boss Medals

During a boss fight you can get a medal if you do not get hit once. Each boss in the game has their own medal which can only be earned during that boss fight.

Connection Bonus

You must have Order of Ecclesia and Judgement games plus respective consoles. Select connect to Wii or DS and follow prompts. Upon completion, both Judgement and OOE bonuses.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Courses 1,2,3Connect to Judgement
Increased Level CapConnect to Judgement
Practice ModeConnect to Judgement
Queen of HeartsConnect to Judgement
RecordConnect to Judgement
Royal CrownConnect to Judgement
Wireless RaceConnect to Judgement

Unlockable Modes

Unlockable                  How to Unlock
Albus ModeComplete the Game after saving all villagers
Boss Rush ModeComplete the Game after saving all villagers
Hard DifficultyBeat the game once.
Hard Mode Level 255Complete Hard Mode Level 1 OR Connect To Castlevania: Judgement
Sound ModeComplete the Game after saving all villagers