Graveyard Keeper Blue Points: How to Get Science

Graveyard Keeper blue points are one of the rarer technology points needed in the early parts of the game. They are a necessary part of creating technology, as well as earning experience. But to easily get them, you will also need to collect the Science resource. This is since it is used up to research various items that lead to gaining more blue points. So how do you get these elusive resources?

How to get Science in Graveyard Keeper

The first thing you need to do before thinking about getting Science and blue points is to unlock the church. This is because the church is the only place you can research anything in the game. You can access the blueprints for the building once you complete Episcop’s quest, become a preacher, and increase the rating of your graveyard above 5.

Once you have built the church you will need to create the Study Table. This will be available once you have completed the tasks necessary for building the church as well as the alchemy lab. This will all happen during Episcop’s quest so there is not much to worry about.

Then you will need to make a Church Workbench as well since to get Science you need to be able to research various items, such as Clean Paper. To unlock the workbench you need to first unlock Research and Paper Crafting on the Book writing technology tree. Then to make the workbench itself you need nine Flitch, 10x nails, and four complex Iron parts. From there, you can start making the Clean Paper necessary to gain Science.

To make Clean Paper you need to first make Pigskin Paper which can be made from human Skin, Pig Skin or Bat Wing at the Church Workbench. Once you have made the Pigskin Paper you can then refine it into Clean Paper, also at the Church Workbench.

From there you can go to the Study Table and research the Clean Paper to gain Science. You can also gain Science through research on Notes, Chapters, Books, or Lenses.

How to get Blue Points in Graveyard Keeper

Now that you have gained loads of Science you are now ready to gain some Blue Points. This is most easily done by researching various body parts at the Study Table but on top of Scienceyou will also need Faith. The easiest way to do this is once you have built a Church and become a Preacher, you can give sermons on Pride Day. Once you have collected enough Science and Faith you can go to the Study Table to research any body parts and gain a nice amount of Blue Points.

You can also get Blue Points by talking to the Astrologer who lives east of the village at the Lighthouse during the Sloth day of the week. Talk to the Astrologer and you can purchase 20 Blue Points for five silver.

Another way to gain small amounts of Blue Points is by making Glass. You can unlock the ability to make Glass from the Bishop a week after you have opened your Church. From there you need to find some River Sand which can be found by the river.  To make Glass you need to build a furnace, then put two River Sand, one Water, and 20X Fuel. Making Glass will net you one Blue Point.

Hopefully, all this will help you in your quest to gain all those Blue Points.

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