Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Xbox360 Cheats

Unlock the Token Radar

If you can collect 1000 spider tokens all the remaining spider tokens will appear as red dots on your mini map.


UnlockableHow to Unlock
Armor Spider-man (Black and Greys)Complete Act 2
Ben ReilyComplete 25 city events
Cosmic Spider-ManComplete Act 1
Iron SpideyCollect 150 Spider Tokens
Spider CarnageDefeat 500 enemies
Spider-Man 2099Complete 50 city events

New Game+

Complete the game and fully watch the credits. After you watch them select continue and you will once again end up at the credits,do not skip the second credits either. On your third try select continue again and the game should now start at the first cut scene with all your upgrades and collected items.


Unlockable                                  How to Unlock
100 Hit Combo Ownership (25)Execute 100 Hit Combo “Ownership”.
250 Hit Combo Neighborly (50)Execute 250 Hit Combo "Neighborly".
50 Hit Combo Spider Silk (10)Execute 50 Hit Combo "Spider Silk”.
Air Combo Skill (15)Defeat 50 Enemies using only Air Combos.
Bowling Ball (5)Web Swing-Kick 5 Enemies in a single pass.
Complete Story, Act One (50)Complete Act One.
Complete Story, Act Two (50)Complete Act Two.
Complete Web of Shadows (75)Complete Game.
Defeat 100 Enemies (20)Defeat 100 Enemies.
Defeat 500 Enemies (35)Defeat 500 Enemies.
Encountered (5)Parry then Counter Attack one enemy.
Eviction (5)Pull Tech Mech Pilot from his seat.
Excessive Spider-Man (15)Complete Half of All Optional Goals.
First One Hundred (15)Find 100 Collectibles.
Great Power (10)Thwart 25 City Crimes.
Great Responsibility (25)Thwart 100 City Crimes.
Ground Combo Skill (15)Defeat 50 Enemies using only Ground Combos.
Heroic Accumulation (25)Find Half of all Collectibles.
Max Out Spider-Man (75)Max Out Spider-Man.
Obsessive Spider-Man (25)Complete 60 Bonus Goals.
Over The Counter (10)Parry then Counter Attack 100 enemies.
Overkill (20)Perform all three types of attacks (Ground, Air, Wall) on a single enemy 10 times.
The Bigger They Come... (5)Defeat First Tech Mech.
Trampoline (25)Web-Strike Bounce 20 Enemies in succession.
Ultimate Spider-Man (50)Purchase all Upgrades.
Wall Combo Skill (15)Defeat 50 Enemies using only Wall Combos.