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PUBG Mobile Season 3 Explained: New Royale Pass, End Date, Missions, More

PUBG Mobile Season 3 has arrived! This third season of the extremely popular mobile Battle Royale game is here, which means a ton of new additions to the game have arrived. It also means that intense grind has restarted for everyone around the world and all players are beginning from level one again.

The PUBG Mobile Season 3 brings with it lots of awesome new daily missions, a new Royale Pass, and so much more. This will ensure that you have plenty to do for the next couple of months until this third season concludes. Without further ado, let’s dive into what season three entails.

PUBG Mobile Season 3 New Royale Pass Explained

The PUBG Mobile Season 3 has brought with it a new Royale Pass. This one has 100 levels in total for players to grind all the way through. It costs 600 UC for the Elite version and 1,800 for the Elite Plus version. Six free Legendary items come with the Pass so you won’t want to miss out on those.

Free users will still get some goodies in the form of new daily missions. For the most part, the daily mission count is the same for both free users and Elite Royale Pass owners. There are going to be 175 daily missions, 70 daily login points, and 240 weekly normal missions over the course of season three. Elite Royale Pass owners also get 320 Elite Missions.

PUBG Mobile Season 3 End Date Explained

If that all sounds like a lot, that’s because that’s everything players will have the opportunity to complete over a few months. The PUBG Mobile Season 3 end date is actually pretty far away. You will have until November 18, 2018 to make sure you reach level 100 on the new Royale Pass. For more on everything PUBG, make sure to check back here for future updates and the like.