Graveyard Keeper Alchemy: How It Works

Graveyard Keeper is best described as Stardew Valley with corpses and grave digging, and it’s exactly as fun as that description suggests. It’s also got a surprising amount going on with such a simple premise, and one of the most useful abilities is alchemy. But what is Graveyard Keeper alchemy and how do you do it?

Simply put, alchemy in Graveyard Keeper allows you to break down items into their constituent parts and mix them together again to, hopefully, create new and better items. Alternatively, it’ll fail utterly and you’ll be left with a pile of goop. None of us want that, so let us give you a hand in getting started at Graveyard Keeper alchemy!

What You Need To Do Alchemy In Graveyard Keeper 

The Alchemy Lab is located in the base of your Church. You’ll need various pieces of equipment to fully explore alchemy, and most can be upgraded to improve their effects. The basic piece of equipment is the Study Table, which you’ll need to research the core ingredients to get red, green, or blue tech points, and show what products they decompose into. These can be powder, fluid, or essence, and will need a different machine to process.

An Alchemy Mill is needed to process powder and turn it in to, er, a different type of Powder. The Hand Mixer processes fluid in order to get Solution. Essence requires the Distillation Cube, and gives Extract. All are useful in different ways. The last piece of equipment you’ll need is an Alchemy Workbench. A Tier 1 workbench only combines one powder and one liquid at a time, but a Tier 2 can combine all three product types.

How To Use Alchemy In Graveyard Keeper

Once you’ve got all your equipment (bear in mind you might not be able to get it all at once) we can get started. We know about the products, but each one also has a single Element. There are currently eight elements in the game, and they are matched in opposing pairs: Health/Toxic, Order/Chaos, Acceleration/Slowness, and Life/Death.

Okay, putting all this together… for example, if you want to make a Health Extract, you’ll need a Distillation Cube and a researched item that you know gives Health Essence. In this case, three examples of this are Lentils, Nori, and Pumpkins. You can make solutions, powders, and extracts out of all eight elements, you just need to study the items and then process them with the correct equipment.

Then you can work on putting together more complicated mixtures to produce better items, like a Heal Potion by mixing Life Powder and Health Solution in a Workbench. There are many different combinations for many different results, so get mixing. Good luck!