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Fortnite 5.30 Update Patch Notes: New Rift-to-Go Item, Score Royale LTM, and More

The Fortnite 5.30 update patch notes have now been detailed by Epic Games, with the information published just as the new Fortnite patch went live across PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iPhone, and Android. (Yes, that is a lot of platforms receiving the update simultaneously!) Unfortunately, his update does come with downtime, which we estimate to last an hour or so. As for what changes the Fortnite 5.30 patch implements, there’s the previously teased Rift-to-Go, which acts as you might expect, allowing players to spontaneously disappear and then reappear in the air! This is now available to Battle Royale players. What’s more, there’s a new Battle Royale limited time mode: Score Royale. As for Save the World changes, PvE players also have things to get excited about. Read the full details below!

Fortnite 5.30 Update Patch Notes

fortnite 5.30 update patch notes

As I mentioned in the introduction, the main highlight of the Fortnite 5.30 update patch notes is the Rift-to-Go, a tool that harnesses the power of the rifts that were previously only found scattered about the map. Now players can wield that rift power themselves, using it to escape when outnumbered and on the verge of elimination, or to pull off an otherwise impossible flanking maneuver, disappearing and then reappearing above the enemy. The Rift-to-Go is undoubtedly going to lead to a lot of epic plays, and I’m sure the community will want to capture and share them using the in-game Replay System. Expect a lot of new clips to be popping up on YouTube!

The new Fortnite Score Royale limited time mode has players collecting points to claim the win. Whoever has the most points at the end of the match wins! You can earn points by collecting the new coins, opening treasure chests and other loot containers, and getting kills!

Save the World players will be happy to hear that the Bundlebuss assault rifle has been added, which does lots of damage and comes with plenty of ammo. Horde Challenge week 3 is now also live!

For the more minor (yet still appreciated) patch notes and bug fixes, click on through to Epic Games here.