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Fortnite Female Raven Skin: When Will the Female Raven Fortnite Skin Be Released?

Some new Fortnite skins have been leaked on Twitter, and they’re looking good. These new skins are incredibly eye-catching, but the Fortnite female Raven skin is probably one of the best. It looks like there’s also going to be a host of new emotes to accompany this new skin in the upcoming Week 7, including the highly anticipated Road Trip skin along with some other more esoteric selections. “When will the female Raven Fortnite be released,” you ask? We’ve got the scoop.

Fortnite Female Raven Skin: How to Unlock

The existing Raven skin launched to great aplomb earlier this year as a limited-edition item which cost players 2,000 V-Bucks to acquire. While Fortnite‘s bright and cheery aesthetic has long been the draw for some players, the Raven skin was a complete 180 with its edgier feel and man-of-mystery aura. Now, those playing with female avatars will get a chance to experience this image makeover for themselves too.

While the leak for this skin and other perks appeared during the latest 5.3 update, we’re expecting the Fortnite female Raven skin to appear in the next couple of weeks on the item shop. If not then, then it could easily appear in season 6’s Battle Pass, though fans will have to wait a little longer to don these sweet wings of death.

As is typically the case with Fortnite skin leaks, the names for each of these brand new outfits will be datamined sooner rather than later, meaning that players will soon be able to learn of their official names. However, considering that the Fortnite female raven skin looks very similar to the male raven skin that was released earlier this year, we’re betting that there won’t be a significant name change for this brand new cosmetic.

The Fortnite 5.30 update was revealed earlier today, and you can read the patch notes right here.