High School Musical 3: Senior Year DANCE!,High School Musical 3: Senior Year Xbox360 Cheats


Unlockable                               How to Unlock
100 Times the Dancer (10)Reach 100 In-a-row
1K Cues (15)Hit 1000 Cues
300 Times the Dancer (25)Reach 300 In-a-row
4th Quarter Comeback (5)Max out the performance meter after almost failing
50 Times the Dancer (5)Reach 50 In-a-row
Avoid Elimination (5)Never enter red zone in the performance meter
Break the Bank (30)Earn 100 million total points
Class Clown (0)Fail a Song
Dance Machine (10)Get 100% dance accuracy
East High Graduate (100)Graduate!
Extra Credit (40)Total game time of 8 hours
Flawless Performance (10)Get an A+ on a song
Freezer (25)Spend 1 hour in Hold Cues
Gotta Go My Own Way (5)Block your opponent in Dance-Off
Great Personality (10)Play 50 Quizzes
High School Orientation (5)Complete the tutorial
Homecoming King (5)Create a male CAW character
Homecoming Queen (5)Create a female CAW character
Meteor Shower (20)Activate Super Star 100 times
Most Popular (10)Unlock all characters
Number 1 Fan (25)Unlock all Signatures
Passing Grade (50)Pass every song
Perfect Precision (25)Hit 1000 Cues perfectly
Perfectionist (15)Hit above 50% of notes perfectly
Playing Favorites (10)Pass a song using only 1 sector
Pop Quizzin' (10)Complete all quizzes
Senior Year (15)Get an A on Every HSM3 Song
Shhhh it’s a secret (20)Complete all Secret Cues
Shooting Star (15)Activate Super Star 3 times in one song
Shop-a-holic (120)Unlock all clothing pieces
Short Attention Span (15)Pass a song without hitting held notes
Star Dazzler (25)Spend 2 hours in Super Star Mode
Summer Vacation (15)Get an A on Every HSM2 Song
Tutor (10)Double your teammate's Dance Accuracy in Dance Duo
Valedictorian (120)Get an A+ on every song
We're All In This Together (10)100 note combo in Dance Duo
Welcome to East High (15)Get an A on Every HSM1 Song
Welcome to Senior Year! (20)Unlock Senior Difficulty
Well-Rounded Wildcat (25)Get all quiz conclusions
Wildcat Explorer (10)Complete a Secret Cue phrase