Guitar Hero: World Tour PS2 Cheats


On the main menu select "Options", then select "Cheats", and click on "Enter New Cheat". Enter one of the following codes.

Code                                                                          Effect
Red, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Green, Green, YellowAir Instruments
Green, Green, Red, Red, Yellow, Red, Yellow, BlueAlways Slide
Yellow, Green, Red, Red, Green, Blue, Red, YellowAT&T Ball Park
Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, Blue, Blue, Blue, RedAuto Kick
Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue, GreenExtra Line 6 Tones
Green, Red, Green, Blue, Red, Red, Yellow, BlueFlame Colors
Blue, Red, Red, Green, Red, Green, Red, YellowGem Colors
Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Yellow, Red, Green, GreenHyper Speed
Green, Red, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Blue, Blue, GreenInvisible Rocker
Yellow, Yellow, Blue, Red, Blue, Green, Red, RedPerformance Mode
Red, Red, Yellow, Red, Blue, Red, Red, BlueStar Colors
Blue, Red, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, GreenUnlock Aaron Steele
Blue, Red, Blue, Blue, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, GreenUnlock Johnny Viper
Green, Red, Blue, Green, Red, Blue, Blue, GreenUnlock Nick
Blue, Red, Green, Green, Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, GreenUnlock Rina
B,B,R,G,G,B,B,YUnlocks every song in the game.
Red, Green, Green, Yellow, Blue, Green, Yellow,GreenVocal Fireball

Unlockable Characters

All characters must be bought after unlocking

Unlockable                     How to Unlock
Billy CorganPlay the song 'Today' in the band career.
Hayley WilliamsPlay the song 'Misery Business' in the vocals career.
Ozzy OsbournePlay the Ozzfest gig in the vocals career.
RockubotComplete th drum career.
SkeletonComplete the vocals career.
StingPlay the song 'Demolition Man' in the bass career
Ted NugentBeat his guitar battle in the guitar career
Travis BarkerPlay the song 'Dammit' in the drum career.
Zakk WyldeBeat his guitar battle in the guitar career.