Fallout 3 PC Cheats

Cheat Codes

Hit the Tilde (~) key to access the console and enter one of the following.

Code                                            Effect
addspecialpoints #add # special points
advlevelAdvance one level
ttm1All mapmarkers
set timescale to #Alters the speed in which the in-game time passes.
KillAutomatically kill the target you selected in Console Mode
player.modScale <1 or -1>Become a giant! 1 = giant ; -1 =normal
ShowNameMenuChange your name for free, no court fees!
player.setlevel #changes leve to #, doesn't affect anything else.
modpca (s.p.e.c.i.a.l) #changes the chosen stat by adding the given number. e.g. lmodpca luck 3 would take your 5 luck to 8.
GetQuestComplete/GetQCComplete all quest items
GetQuestCompletedcomplete current quest
CompleteAllObjectives / CompleteQuestComplete quest objectives
player.ForceAV <amount>Directly set your skill values.
DisableAllMinesDisables mines
getXPfornextleveldisplays xp needed for next level
SetPCYoungEveryone wants to be a kid again!
SexChangeGo ahead, be a transvestite, i won't ask any questions
tgmGod Mode
player.PlaceAtMe <objectID>I'm working on finding and making an ObjectID list, but for now, just use the ones we know: 000000A(Pins) & 000000F(money)
CloseAllMenusJust in case...
player.modav skill #Modifies player's desired skill. (player.modav luck 10)
EnablePlayerControlsMove around during "locked" cinematics
movetoqtMoves the player to the current quest marker
tclNo clipping mode
showracemenuopen the character creation screen
player.modav actionpoints #Permanently modifies players max action points.
player.modav carryweight #Permanently modifies players max weight.
player.additem 0000000F "XXX"Replace "XXX" with the amount of caps(money) you want.
rewardxp xxxReplace xxx with the number of experience points to receive
ResetQuestResets a quest... assuming you would want to do such a thing?
resurrectrevives dead target
rewardKarma #reward # karma points to player
setspecialpoints #set the number of special points to #
player.setav<SKILL> #Sets skill level to #. Max 100. this sets all skill bonuses but those from gear, tag skills, or attributes.
player.setav<S.P.E.C.I.A.L.> #Sets the typed attribute to the number provided. (1-10)
AddPerkThat's right! Get any perk you want, any and/or all.
tfctoggles free camera mode (useful for character screenshots)
tmturns off/on the HUD (useful for character screenshots)
unlockUnlocks any selected physical lock (doors, chests, etc) and terminals.
RewardXP <amount>Use this to reward yourself some xp
MoveToQuestTarget/movetoqt <optional: questID>Warp to your quest' target location


Unlockable                                           How to Unlock
Agatha's Song (20GP)Completed "Agatha's Song"
Ambassador of Peace (20GP)Reached Level 14 with Good Karma
Big Trouble in Big Town (20GP)Completed "Big Trouble in Big Town"
Blood Ties (20GP)Completed "Blood Ties"
Data Miner (20GP)Hacked 50 terminals
Doesn't Play Well with Others (20GP)Killed 300 people
Escape! (20GP)Completed "Escape!"
Finding the Garden of Eden (20GP)Completed "Finding the Garden of Eden"
Following in His Footsteps (20GP)Completed "Following in His Footsteps"
Galaxy News Radio (20GP)Completed "Galaxy News Radio"
Harbinger of War (20GP)Reached Level 14 with Bad Karma
Head of State (20GP)Completed "Head of State"
Keys are for Cowards (20GP)Picked 50 locks
Last, Best Hope of Humanity (30GP)Reached Level 20 with Good Karma
Mercenary (10GP)Reached Level 8 with Neutral Karma
Oasis (20GP)Completed "Oasis"
One-Man Scouting Party (20GP)Discovered 100 locations
Paradigm of Humanity (30GP)Reached Level 20 with Neutral Karma
Picking up the Trail (20GP)Completed "Picking up the Trail"
Pinnacle of Survival (20GP)Reached Level 14 with Neutral Karma
Protector (10GP)Reached Level 8 with Good Karma
Pychotic Prankster (10GP)Placed a grenade or mine while pickpocketing
Reaver (10GP)Reached Level 8 with Bad Karma
Reilly's Rangers (20GP)Completed "Reilly's Rangers"
Rescue from Paradise (20GP)Completed "Rescue from Paradise"
Scientific Pursuits (20GP)Completed "Scientific Pursuits"
Scourge of Humanity (30GP)Reached Level 20 with Bad Karma
Silver-Tongued Devil (20GP)Won 50 Speech Challenges
Slayer of Beasts (20GP)Killed 300 creatures
Stealing Independence (20GP)Completed "Stealing Independence"
Strictly Business (20GP)Completed "Strictly Business"
Take it Back! (40GB)Completed "Take it Back!"
Tenpenny Tower (20GP)Completed "Tenpenny Tower"
The American Dream (20GP)Completed "The American Dream"
The Bigger They Are... (20GP)Kill all the Super Mutant Behemoths
The G.O.A.T. Whisperer (10GP)Took the G.O.A.T.
The Nuka-Cola Challenge (20GP)Completed "The Nuka-Cola Challenge"
The Power of the Atom (20GP)Completed "The Power of the Atom"
The Replicated Man (20GP)Completed "The Replicated Man"
The Superhuman Gambit (20GP)Completed "The Superhuman Gambit"
The Wasteland Survival Guide (20GP)Completed "The Wasteland Survival Guide"
The Waters of Life (20GP)Completed "The Waters of Life"
Those! (20GP)Completed "Those!"
Tranquility Lane (20GP)Completed "Tranquility Lane"
Trouble on the Homefront (20GP)Completed "Trouble on the Homefront"
Vault 101 Citizenship Award (10GP)Got the Pip-Boy 3000
Vault-Tec C.E.O. (30GP)Collected 20 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads
Weaponsmith (30GP)Made one of every custom weapon
Yes, I Play with Dolls (10GP)Collected 10 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads
You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head (20GP)Completed "You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head"

Operation Anchorage Achievements

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Aiding the Outcasts (20)Completed "Aiding the Outcasts"
Operation: Anchorage (40)Completed "Operation: Anchorage"
Paving the Way (20)Completed "Paving the Way"
The Guns of Anchorage (20)Completed "The Guns of Anchorage"