Is Reddit Down? HTTP Error 503 and how to fix

If you’re seeing the message, “HTTP Error 503” or, “This page isn’t working,” you’re not alone. Reddit is down for people across the world, with server outages across the board. Are you missing your cat memes and uninformed political commentary? Here’s what to do if Reddit is down.

What is “HTTP Error 503” and is Reddit down?

Reddit doesn’t go down often, so when it does, it’s usually a big deal. Fortunately, the site doesn’t stay down for long since it has a pretty robust infrastructure. However, there are times when you’ll just constantly get the “HTTP Error 503” message no matter what you try and load.

This generic error message can pop up for all sorts of reasons. One of them might be that Reddit is down, but it can also show up when the issue is on your end. Reddit’s new layout has been known to cause some problems with ad and script blockers enabled, and in extreme cases, it might cause this error message to display.

is reddit down

To tell whether the issue is on your end or Reddit’s you can check the Reddit server status page. This isn’t a definitive source since it seems to sometimes say the site is operational even when people have errors, but it’s a good start.

At the time of writing, Reddit is down in the UK, across Europe, Australia, and also parts of North America.

Another place to check if people are having problems with Reddit is Twitter. Reddit is one of the most visited sites in the world, so if it’s down, you can be sure that an absolute ton of people are going to be on Twitter complaining about it.

If you see that the site is down for everyone, there’s not much you can do about it. If you’re looking for bad memes and fake news, I suggest hitting Facebook up, since they’ve got plenty to spare. Otherwise, just hold tight and keep checking back. Chances are the downtime isn’t going to be that long.