FIFA 09 DS Cheats


Unlockable                                  How to Unlock
Classic TeamWin 15 games. (Either Manager mode or Kick off)
Dribbling TrainingWin at 5 games consecutively
Giant Team FlagMove into the tophalf of the league.
Goal Keeper TrainingRemain unbeaten in five games.
Home Stadium Upgrade 1Win a blowout (Get a Goal Difference of 3) to unlock
Home Stadium Upgrade 2Move into first place in the league to unlock.
Home Stadium upgrade 3Win at least 1 league.
Home Stadium Upgrade 4Win your domestic cup to unlock.
Home Stadium Upgrade 5Win your domestic cup twice.
Home Stadium Upgrade 6Win your league twice to unlock.
Interception TrainingWin 10 games
World XIWin 20 games. (Either Manager mode or Kick off)