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Fortnite Armadillo Skin: Uncommon Skin Leaked

The Fortnite Armadillo Skin is yet another of the many skins that have been leaked recently through a data mine of the game. This uncommon rarity skin should be part of the game soon, but it remains to be seen how players will be able to get a hold of this desert warrior’s outfit.

What Is Fortnite Armadillo Skin?

The Fortnite Armadillo skin is part of the many upcoming outfits that were recently leaked via dataminers digging through the game’s code. The skin depicts a desert-ready soldier with a balaclava, goggles to keep the sand out, and a nice mohawk to top it all off. The description of the outfit reads “Thick skinned and battle hardened” which suits the soldier’s name and aesthetic rather well. What is also interesting is that the skin will get a companion in the also desert-themed Scorpion.

How To Get Fortnite Armadillo Skin

Since the Fortnite Armadillo Skin was part of the recent leaks, you will not be able to get it just yet. But we can guess how players will be able to obtain it in the future. The first method could be via completing challenges in the new season. Since Season 5 is rapidly coming to a close, it would make sense that this skin would be part of the new season’s rewards for completing various challenges.

The other way players could nab this nifty skin is through the Item Shop. The skin will cost players 800 V-bucks, which should be around $8.00. The reason why the skin might cost this much is because previous Uncommon ones have been around this price point. The Scorpion skin mentioned before will also most likely be around the same price as it too is an Uncommon skin.

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