Carnival Games: Mini-Golf Wii Cheats


Unlockable                       How to Unlock
anchor clubGet par or better on all Pirates Delight coarses
Barker ball3 Barker coins. Click on the counter. Upper right Box
Barker CoinBeat the Barker.
Barker Shoes3 barker coins bottem left
Barker tie3 Barker coins. Lower box
Candy Striped ball50 Fairy coins Upper right
Cane Club3 Barker coins. Upper middle box
cannon ball80 pirate coins upper right
choo choo clubGet par or better on all Wild West coarses
Cupid wingsClick on the silo in Barnyard
Dag-gone Dra-gone125 knight coins right
Delicious cupcake75 fairy coins Right
Dino tail100 prehistoria coins
Dragon wingsClick on the pumpkin in lower right Spook-O-Rama
Egg ball40 Barn coins Upper right
Eye of Rah ball50 Rah coins upper right
Falling star clubGet par or better on all 3 Fairytella coarses
Florance MaskClick on the shinx in the left hand side of Rah's Revenge
G-nome Neckalce299 fairy coinsBottom
Hay clubGet par or better on all 3 Barnyard coarses
Human G-nome205 fairy Coins middle
knight clubGet par or better on all 3 King's court coarses
Lava ball50 Prehistoria coins Upper right
Leaping lizard75 prehistoria coins Middle
Lion pawsClick on the volcano in lower left Prehistoria
Mace ball45 Knight coins upper right
Monkey-on-my-backClick on the Tiki head in upper left Amazeon
Mr. Shield200 knight coins bottom
Rainbow ShoesClick on the lower right knight in King's court
Samuri faceClick on the wagon in lower Wild West
Scepter clubGet par or better on all Rah's Revenge coarses
Sharkster shoesClick on the skull in Pirates Delight
Sunday ShoesClick on the little house in the upper right hand corener of Fairytella
the cat jester150 knight coins middle
tooth clubGet par or better on all 3 prehistoria coarses
tumbleweed ball75 West coins upper right
Wacko50 prehistoria coins Right