Warframe Twin Gremlins: How To Get The Prisma Twin Gremlins

The new Prisma version of the Warframe Twin Gremlins has arrived with the newest hotfix to the 23rd version of the popular free-to-play action shooter. This new weapon is the upgraded version of the Twin Gremlins Grineer secondary weapons. How much better than the older version is it and how will you be able to obtain them? Let’s find out.

Warframe Twin Gremlins: What Are the Prisma Twin Gremlins?

The Warframe Twin Gremlins have been upgraded to its Prisma version, meaning that there is now a stronger version of the weapon available. By gaining the Prisma title, this new weapon is now a “special, limited-edition item… that features pearlescent bluish-green color scheme with cloud-like animated textures” according to the Warframe Wiki. The Prisma versions of weapons are also far more powerful than its original version. Advantages of the Prisma version of the Twin Gremlins include a higher critical chance, a larger magazine and ammo capacity, as well as a higher status chance among many other stat changes. The gun also allows players to pin enemies to walls at full-auto because it is a nail gun.

Warframe Twin Gremlins: How To Get The Prisma Twin Gremlins

To obtain the Prisma version of the Warframe Twin Gremlins, you will need to buy them from Baro Ki’Teer, who can be found in the Concourse section of the Tenno Relay area. This new premium weapon will cost you 220,000 credits and 500 Ducats. However, they will not be available permanently since Baro Ki’Teer changes his stock with every appearance he makes, so the new weapons may not be available after a period of time.

To be able to gain the Ducats needed for the Prisma version of the Warframe Twin Gremlins, you need to trade in Prime items and blueprints to his kiosks in the Tenno Relay area. Do not fret, however, as the character himself may not always be available, his kiosks are, so you can save up the Ducats needed for the Prisma version of the Warframe Twin Gremlins whenever you want.

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