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For Honor Rating: What is the For Honor Rating System?

If you just downloaded For Honor for free on Steam, you may be wonder what the For Honor rating system is or what is does. No, it is not what reviews the game got. But, without spoiling it, let’s see what the For Honor rating system is and what it does.

For Honor Rating: What Is It?

The For Honor ranking system happens at the end of a match. It lets you rate that match on a scale of one to five stars.

For Honor Rating: What Does It Do?

It lets you… um… rate the match. Ubisoft hasn’t been too outspoken about what it exactly does. Some have theorized that it is a placebo for letting people vent their anger at bad match.

It is most likely for Ubisoft to gather data on its players as it has access to every possible datapoint you can think of. If the studio can cross reference enough points and figure out what the constants are between low-rated matches, it might be able to hone in on the issues might be.

Other Ubisoft games have allowed players to rate things. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Assassin’s Creed Rogue, and Assassin’s Creed Unity all asked players to rate each mission upon completion. Assassin’s Creed Origins shook that system but didn’t have many of the unpopular objective types like tailing suspects and mandatory stealth sections.

For Honor Rating: Match Making Rating

However, you may be thinking of the match making rating. While it’s an entirely different thing from match ratings, Ubisoft has come out and said that its match making rating is “an individual value assigned to each player” to “ensure a fair experience.” The studio said it “uses this value as a matchmaking parameter to match you with players of similar skill when you play PvP game modes.” Ubisoft claims that it uses a formula to create the MMR based on a few factors like performances and results. The match rating system might feed into that somehow.