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WoW BfA Fishing Guide: How to Unlock BfA Fishing, Fishing Pole Tips & More

While we wait for the first, highly-anticipated raid of World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth to drop, things may seem a little dull down in the relatively hum-drum Kul’tiras. After fighting off everything from a blood troll incursion to an infested ocean of pirates, you may be wanting to kick back, relax, and enjoy something a little simpler. In our opinion, there’s no better way to keep up with your achievement points whilst having some downtime than Fishing. Our WoW BfA Fishing guide will help unlock WoW BfA-tier fishing, answer your fishing pole questions, and much more.

WoW BfA Fishing Guide: How to Unlock BfA Fishing

So, you’ve gotten to BfA but you’re not sure how to unlock fishing in this expansion. That’s fine! Plenty of us are still playing catch up from when The Anglers reigned supreme in Mists of Pandaria. Luckily, WoW has made it easy to get into the swing of things.

Zandalari fishing and Kul Tiran fishing are their own separate sections of the profession now, so you can solely level those even if you’ve never tried to catch a fish in your short online life. As expected, unlocking fishing is different based on your faction.

If you’re for the Horde, you’ll have to rock up in Dazar’alor and speak to Silent Tali to unlock BfA fishing. If you’re for the Alliance, then you will have to visit the picturesque Tiragarde Sound and talk to Alan Goyle to ensure that you’ve got the latest in aquatic tech.

WoW BfA Fishing Guide: The Basics of BfA Fishing

If you’re a total newbie to this fishing game, don’t worry. Instead of making it so that certain fish could only be caught in certain map locations a la Mists of PandariaBfA has made it a lot easier to get specific types of fish without needing to be an experienced adventurer.

BfA has two main types of fish available to you: fish that you can catch in coastal waters, and fish that you catch in inland sources of water like the rivers that dot the landscape. To keep things interesting, there’s some variety in the fish that you can catch depending on your faction. None of the fish are hard to find, so getting your level up is just a matter of grinding it out by catching as many biters as possible.

Horde BfA Fish Types

  • Great Sea Catfish – Inland
  • Midnight Salmon – Inland / Coastal
  • Sand Shifter – Coastal
  • Redtail Loach – Inland
  • Slimy Mackerel – Coastal

Alliance BfA Fish Types

  • Great Sea Catfish – Inland
  • Midnight Salmon – Inland / Coastal
  • Lane Snapper – Coastal
  • Frenzied Fangtooth – Coastal
  • Tiragarde Perch – Inland

WoW BfA Fishing Guide Main

WoW BfA Fishing Guide: Fishing Rewards

There aren’t really any cool rewards that come from being a boss angler in BfA. Sure, there are World Quests involving fishing which will reward you with reputation, which is valuable in itself if you’re wanting to get the full picture in the endgame. However, there’s really only one truly rare drop from fishing which you’d be justified in boasting to your mates about.

We’re talking about the Great Sea Ray, which is the much-coveted profession mount for this expansion, with a neat 0.5% drop rate. As the name suggests, it’s a giant ray, and it’s perfect for taking the scenic route around the Tiragarde Sound. We’re probably going to all have a much greater need for aquatic mounts once Azshara rears her head in a couple of patches, so this is a practical and badass addition to anyone’s mount collection.

WoW BfA Fishing Guide: Artifact Fishing Pole

For those who are still on the hunt for the artifact fishing pole that was introduced in Legion, the good news is that a) it’s still useful to have, and b) it’s even easier to get now than it was before. The fishing pole gives +60 fishing, which makes it one of the best poles in the game for those looking to get the most leveling bang for their buck.

Now that they’ve changed how profession levels work, the old criteria to get the artifact fishing pole might be a bit confusing. Here’s what you need to have done after BfA‘s release to qualify for this bad boy:

  1. You need to have Legion Fishing at 100
  2. You have to be Level 110
  3. You have to fish up the Luminous Pearl and complete the questline that it gives you

Once you have this artifact in hand, you’re going to be a master of the waves. It’ll be impossible for the tasty fish of Zuldazar to avoid you, and getting your BfA fishing maxed out should be easy as pie.

Now that we’ve armed you with the essentials of fishing in BfA, it’s time for you to go forth and conquer. Think of it as preemptively striking against Azshara! If you’re tired of sitting on a beach and casting your line aimlessly, don’t forget to participate in the World Quests so that your fish go towards the war effort and not to waste. We wish you luck on your angling adventures; you’re going to need it to get that Great Sea Ray.