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Gears of War 2 FAQ/Walkthrough

Gears of War 2 FAQ/Walkthrough

Author: C4RRnage of
Revision: 0.5
Contact: [email protected]

The newest versions of this guide will be posted by me at 
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as long as it is posted in its entirety with credit given to the 
original author, me. 

Table of Contents:

1. Controls....................[CNTRL]
2. Acheivements................[ACHVM]
3. Gun Tips....................[GNTPS]
4. Walkthrough.................[WLKTH]
--4.1 Tip of the Spear............[TPTSP]
--4.2 Denizens....................[DNZNS]
--4.3 Gathering Storm.............[GTHST]
--4.4 Hive........................[HVVVV]

1. Controls [CNTRL]

1.1 Default Configuration:

Left Stick: Move
Right Stick: Look
Right Stick In: Zoom in (certain weapons only)
Left Trigger: Aim
Left Bumper: View objectives and pointers to teammates
Right Trigger: Fire
Right Bumper: Reload
A: Duck and Sprint / Use downed enemy as meat shield
B: Melee
Y: View areas of interesting / Execute downed enemy
X: Use / Pickup weapon or ammo / Curb Stomp downed enemy

1.2 Recommend Settings:

I recomend setting your look sensitivity to High so you can turn faster 
and your Target and Zoom sensitivity to Low so you can aim more 
precisely (to hopefully get more headshots). 

2. Acheivements:

Suicide Missionary - 150G - Complete all campaign acts on Insane 

Artisit of War - 75G - Complete all campaign acts on Hardcore 

Guerilla Tactian - 50G - Complete all campaign acts on Normal 

Friends with Benefits - 50G - Complete all acts in Co-op on any 
difficulty (Marcus or Dom)

Seriously 2.0 - 50G - Kill 100,000 enenmies (any mode)

Completionist - 30G - Recover all 41 collectibles (any difficulty)

Takes a licking - 30G - Melee 30 tickers (any mode)

Variety is the spice of death - 30G - Kill an enemy with every 
weapon in the game (any mode)

Party like it's 1999 - 30G - Play 1999 round of multiplayer (any 

Around the world, again - 30G - Win a multiplayer match on each 
of the 10 shipped maps (any mode)

Hoard the Horde - 30G - Survive all 50 waves of Horde (any 
difficulty, any map)

Open Relationship - 30G - Completed 10 chapters in Co-op on any

Tourist of Duty - 25G - Complete all campaign acts on Casual 

A parting Gift - 20G - Kill 10 enemies with a grenade while down
but not out (any mode)

Dirty, Dirty Horde - 20G - Survive the first 10 waves of Horde 
(any difficulty,any map)

Pack Rat - 15G - Recover 20 collectibles (any difficulty)

Green as Grass - 10G - Train the rook (any difficulty)

And the Horsey You Rode in On - 10G  Story progression in 
Act 5, Chapter 1

You Are the Support, Son - 10G - Story progression in Act 5, 
Chapter 2

Brumak Rodeo - 10G - Story Progression Act 5, Chapter 4

Does this look Infect to You? - 10G - Story progression in 
Act 5, Chapter 5

Crossed Swords - 10G - Win 10 Chainsaw duels (any mode)

Pound of Flesh - 10G - Use a meatshield to save your life 10 
times (any mode)

Organ Grinder - 10G - Kill 30 enemies with a cover mounted 
mulcher (any mode)

Said the Spider to the Fly - 10G - Kill 10 enemies with a 
planted grenade (any mode)

Crowd Control - 10G - Melee 10 enemies down with the Boomshield 
equipped (any mode)

Smells like Victory - 10G - Kill 30 enemies with the Scorcher 
Flamethrower (any mode)

Kick 'em When They're Down - 10G - Perform all 11 unique executions 
on a downed enemy

Photojournalist - 10G - Submit a spectator photo

Standing Here, Beside Myself - 10G - Win 3 matches of Wingman 

Beat the Meatflag - Capture 10 Meatflags in Submission (public)

It's Good to be the King - 10G - Win 10 rounds of Guardian as 
the leader (public)

You Go Ahead, I'll be Fine - 10G - Win 3 matches of King of 
the Hill (public)

Back to Basic - 10G - Sucessfully compelte the 5 lessons of 
multiplayer Training Grounds

Have fun storming the Castle - 10 G - Found the Locust queen

Shock and Awe - 10G - Killed 30 enemies raining down death 
from the sky

Better Wrapped in Beacon - 10G -Activated Jack as homing 
beacon in Nexus

There's a time for Us - 10G - Found Maria

Water Sports - 10G -Defeated Leviathan

Tanks for the Memories - 10G -Arrived safely at Mout Kadar 
Stranded camp

Longitude and Attitude - 10G - Discovered the locatin of the 
locust queen

Heartbroken - 10G - Performed a chainsaw multiple bypass

Freebaird! - 10G - Freed Baird from Capture

That Sinking Feeling - 10G - Watched Ilima sink

Girl about Town - 10G -Seen the sights with Betty

Escort Service - 10G - Escorted Betty to Landown

One-Night Stand - 10G - Completed chapter 1 in Co-op on any 

Once More, With Feeling - 10G - Mastered the ways of the 
Active Reload

It's a Trap! - 10G - Successfully defended the hospital

Collector - 10G - Recovered 5 of 41 collectibles

3. Gun Tips [GNTPS]

Hammershot Assault Rifle (Locust):

This gun is less powerful than the Lancer but much more accurate. If you 
zoom in (press in the right stick) you can get headshots. If your enemy 
is wearing a helmet it might take a couple headshots to kill them. This 
is a good weapon for long range if you have time to aim, but up close it 
doesn't have enough stopping power. Since this is the most common gun 
used by the locust, they'll drop a lot of ammo for it. Getting good with 
this gun can help solve your ammo problems. 


The default gun for most situations. It has a high rate of fire and of 
course the chainsaw bouynet. If you can sneak up on an enemy or are 
fighting any enemy holding a slow rate of fire weapon like a torque bow 
or sniper rifle, the chainsaw can get you easy kills. 

... more to come

4. Walkthrough [WLKTH]

4.1 Tip of the Spear [TPTSP]

- Welcome to Delta

Just watch the cut scene and optionally do the training.

- Desperation

After everyone stops talking head through the door with the green light 
above it. Hold Y to look at the door. 

Follow Tai until you to get to the room with the large windows. You'll 
get a new objective, "Ambush the invading Locust." Get into cover below 
one of the windows and wait. Hold Y to look at the explosive tanks. 
Locust will enter the room. Wait until they're all around the tanks and 
Marcus gives the signal. Then, shoot the tanks until they explode. This 
should kill all the Locust. 

Head through the door with the green light that just opened up. There is 
some ammo in front of the next door. The door will open automatically. 
Head through it. 

Now, you'll be out in a big lobby area. Run to your left and get behind 
cover. Two locust will come to fight you. These guys are not too tough 
so you can be agressive. You can pick up their guns if you want. You 
have an empty slot so you might as well pick it up even if you don't 
like that gun. Switch to your left slot and pick up their guns. 

Go through the next door and use the desk for cover. Just wait there 
until a Raven (helicopter) comes and kills the two locust that are in 
the hallway. 

Head to the end of the hallway and turn right. There's two more locust 
in this room. You can use the desk to your left or counter to your right 
for cover. 

Use the doorway to your left for cover. They'll be a pointy helmet 
locust in the hallway. He's got a magnum, so be careful. Pick up his 
magnum that he dropped and the grenades in that room. 

Run out the door and down the stairs. The next door leads to a large 
room with a center counter area. Use the doorway for cover and kill the 
two locust inside before heading in. Go out the door to your right and 
grab the ammo there. There is one of those magnifying glass items behind 
the counter, a medical record or something. Get it if you want those 

Now you'll be out in a courtyard area. Use the railings for cover and 
kill the three locust in the middle. 

Head across the courtyard and up the stairs. At the top of the stairs to 
your right is more ammo. Head through the doors and to your right. 
There's more ammo in this hallway. Turn left at the end of the hallway 
and walk down a ways. To your left at the end of the hallway are some 
locust. You can use the counter or doorway for cover. After killing them 
all head out the door to the right. 

Turn left at the intersection and then right at the end of the hallway. 
Turn right at the end of the hallway and head into the cafeteria area. 
Use the buffet for cover. There will be three locust in here. 

Keep going straight and out into a big open room. Locust will appear one 
floor above you. Go left and grab the ammo and then up the stairs. You 
should now be in a flanking position. There's more ammo to your right at 
the top of the stairs. 

Head out through the door with the green light and through the next door 
too. Grab the grenades to your left if you have room. At the bottom of 
the stairs in the middle, there's more ammo. Go in the middle counter 
area. Locust will come through the doors to your left and right. Head 
out the door that Jack opened and meet up with Carmine. 

Go out the door and then left. Pick up the ammo. Go down the stairs 
using the left wall as cover. Clear out the street (you don't have to 
kill the Reaper). Go along the left wall and jump through the window and 
into the shop. Go through the shop and use the doorway at the end for 
cover. Clear out the locust around the cars in the street. Turn left and 
then use the truck in front of your for cover. Kill the locust and a cut 
scene will happen. 

- Rolling Thunder

Go get on the turret to your left. Just like a normal gun, use LT to aim 
and right trigger to fire. When the heat meter fills up, press RB to 
vent the heat and lower the meter quickly. Mortars will start hitting 
the area around you. From the turret, shoot down the mortars before they 
hit. It helps to lead them a little and wait until they are close enough 
to hit. You can actually start hitting the mortars until after the rocks 
fall and block your path and you get the objective "Shoot down the 
Nemacyst Mortars." After you destroy the mortars a Reaver will start 
ramming your rig from the left. Kill the reaver. If you're having 
trouble with this part, I recommed turning your look sensitivty and 
target sensitivity all the way up because the turret turns really slow. 

Eventually, your rig will crash and you have to jump out. There's ammo 
to your left. Make sure to grab the grenades because you can use them to 
close the emergence holes. Avoid the temptation to run up to the column 
closest to the emergence holes. While it's easier to close the holes 
from there, you are much more vulenerable and have a much longer path 
back to the rig. Stay behind the column closest to the rig. After you 
kill all the locust in this area, more will appear above you and to the 
left. After you kill them, listen for Dizzy to tell you that the rig is 
ready then sprint to its ladder. 

- The Big Push

Get back on the turret and defend the rig. The locust will hijack a rig but you 
can't stop them. Their rig will come along side yours. Shoot the enemies on it. 
Eventually, a couple locust will climb up your rig but your squadmates should 
take care of them. If you shoot the grappling hooks they'll fall, so it's 
easier that way. The other rig will seperate and then come back together. Kill 
all the enemies and then Dizzy will say something about the bridge ahead. 

Then you get the objective to kill the driver of the hijacked rig. The rigs 
will slam into each other, breaking the window of the other rig. Should the 
driver in the front, through the window. If you don't kill the other driver in 
time, it'll push you off the cliff. If you do kill the driver you go over the 
bridge and the other rig goes over the cliff. 

Get back on the turret after the check point. Multiple Brumacks will appear. 
Shoot the guns on their heads to destroy them. 

After you pass the Brumacks, they'll be a bunch of locust foot soldiers on your 
right on the ground. Kill as many as possible and kill any that climb up onto 
your rig. 

A corpser will appear. Shoot it in its mouth. I don't think you can actually 
kill it. 

Another Brumack appears in front of you. Shoot it's top gun then shoot it in 
the head to kill it. 

-Road Blocks

Now, you'll meet up with Tai and spawn in a town. Dizzy needs you to clear out 
the tickers before he can drive the rig through town. 

There's ammo up ahead on the ground by the cars. Kick open the door to your 
left. It takes multiple kicks. 

A short cut scene will happen introducing tickers. There's more ammo around the 
corner to your left. 

Head towards the door and tickers will skitter around the street. Tickers and 
not very tough and you don't even have to shoot them, if you don't want to. 
When they get close, they'll start to shoot flames up in the air. Just dodge 
away (A + Left Stick) when this happens. 

Go out into the street and kill all the tickers. Some will burst through the 
fence across the street. After they are all dead go through the whole in the 
fence they made. 

Go left and then left again into an alley. Use your chainsaw to cut the boards. 
Then grab the ammo. When you go out into the street more tickers will come. 
Destroy them all. 

Go down to the end of the street and turn left. There's more ammo by the wall 
to your left and by the wall to your right. After the mortars start hitting 
take cover behind the dumpster to your left Wait for the mortars to stop. 

There are two troikas here. One is on top of the roof the other is to your 
left. If you stay behind the dumpster, the other troika, the one to the left, 
can't hit you. Use your pistol to pick off the troika on the roof. Don't worry 
about the other troika. After you kill all the other locust, Marcus will call 
for help and a tank will come and blow it up. 

After everyone is dead, head throw the hole in the fence to the right. Go 
through the gate into the big tunnel. Head down the tunnel. It'll be dark at 
first but Dizzy will turn on his rig's lights. Keep moving up the tunnel 
destroying the tickers. Don't get too far ahead of the rig or it'll be dark. If 
you just let your teammates go in front of you, they'll absorb most the damage. 
Just help them up if they go down. Eventually you'll come up to a door on your 
left. Go inside. 

Go through the room and then back out in the tunnel through the door to your 
right. Wait for the rig to catch up to you. There's ammo behind the car to your 
right. When you get to the end of the tunnel a reaver will fly in. Kill the 
riders on top first, then shoot the reaver. Go out through the gate. 

Go out into the street and at the end you'll choose between two paths. I 
recommend going to the rooftops (right trigger). Go up the stairs and to your 
left. Then go around the corner to your right. There will be two locust there. 
It'll be close quarters so use your shotgun. Kill them and go up the ladder to 
your right. Kill the guy on the roof and grab the mortar gun. You can use your 
mortars to help Dom across the street if you want. 

Go back down and into the door to your right. Jack will have to cut it open. 
Kick the door open and run to the door ahead of you. To the left are several 
enemies. This is a good spot for a well placed grenade. After clearing the 
roof, grab the mortar gun in the corner. A brumack will come out of the tunnel. 
Hide behind the half wall near where the mortar gun was. Hit the brumack with 
the mortars until he dies. If you stay crouched behind the wall, he won't be 
able to hit you. 

- Digging In

Grab the mortar gun on the middle of the deck. Use the mortars to kill the 
attacking wave of locust. You'll have to kill a mortar team, a boomer team, and 
two reavers. If you run out of mortars, just use your Lancer or the rig's 
turret. Use the sides of the rig for cover. 

4.2 Denizens [DNZNS]


After the cut scene, you'll end up in some under ground caverns. Turn around 
and go up the ladder. Go down the path to your left and take the right fork at 
the fork in the road. You get to an edge and see Alpha's pods drop in. Make a 
sharp right and head up the ramp. A grindlift will drop right in front of your 
at the top, keep going straight past it. Keep going and you'll hear Carmine on 
your radio. Eventually you'd come to a vine covered door. Use your chainsaw to 
slice it open. There are quite a few drones in the next room so this is a good 
time to use a grenade if you have one. Kill all the enemies and head up the 
ramp to where Carmine is. Grab the ammo, grenades and the lancer. 

After a cut scene, you'll have to defend your position from an attacking group 
of enemies. Find some cover right away. Get out your grenades and run around 
the corner to the right. Go down the ramp and throw a grenade in the emergence 
hole. Closing that hole will make it a lot easier. Kill the other locust and 
then tickers will come out of the hole. Kill them too. 

After all the enemies are dead head back to the grindlifts and activate it. 
Good through the tunnel the grindlift makes. 

Go down the winding path to your left and you'll eventually reach some locust 
behind cover. Run up to the grind lift on the left and use it for cover. Grab 
the grenades near by and use one of them. You might want to move up and use the 
large rock near the sandbag wall for cover. After you kill the first wave of 
drones more tickers will charge you. Then another wave of drones and more 
tickers and then more drones again. Just stay in your spot behind the rock 
until all the enemies are dead. 

Head through the sandbags and into the rock archway. Go up the ramp and turn 
left at the top. 

When the guys start talking about the glowing plants, a group of wretches will 
run at you. Your chainsaw works pretty good against them. 

Continue down the hall and turn left at the end. Use your chainsaw to cut 
through the vines. 

-Indigenous Creatures

A rock worm will crawl in front of you. You can use it for cover. It wants to 
eat the glowing fruit, so if you see some hanging overhead, shoot it down and 
the worm will go eat it. 

Go around the pillar and continue down the path. In the opening area, use your 
chainsaw to cut through the vines covering the door to your left. Grab the ammo 
inside. Go back out into the room you were in and go left. Keep going and pick 
up the ammo near the grind lift ahead. 

Take a left at the fork in the road. There is a trioka in the walled off area. 
Keep going left until you get to another small wall. Near here, a rock worm 
will come out that you can use for cover. Go hide behind the rock worm and toss 
a grenade into the sand bag wall area. Kill all the enemies and jump the sand 
bag wall. Go up the ladder in the back. 

At the top, tickers will come at you from your right. After they are dead, go 
down the hallway the way they came. You'll find another rock worm. Use it for 
cover and kill the drones that come out of the emergence hole ahead. 

Continue past the hole and go right at the grindlift. Go down to the end of the 
hallway and grab the sniper rifle near the grindlift. Get behind the cover to 
your left. Use the sniper rifle to take out the troika ahead. Move up to the 
next sandbag wall and use your sniper rifle to kill the other drones in the 
area near the troika. 

Go across the narrow path and right at the fork. Keep going up the path and 
eventually you'll come to an open area. A lot of drones are walking around 
below you and to your left. Use your sniper rifle to kill them. There's a 
sniper rifle on the ground if you're not already carrying one. 

Go up the ladder near by. Use your sniper rifle to kill the troika. There's 
another troika to your right. Kill all the enemies here. There is a Kantus 
Scroll collectible by the ammo box near the wall. A reaver will land near you. 
You can use the troika to kill it. After the reaver is dead, grab some ammo and 
then get back on the troika. Boomers and wretches will come in through the door 
to your right. Use the troika to kill them. 

Go through the door they just opened. Keep going down the path. Grindlifts will 
drop in. Alpha squad needs you to take out the mortars that are hitting them. 
Run down to the bottom of the path and kill the drones there. After those guys 
are dead, jump on the troika and kill he drones attacking Alpha Squad. 

After the cut scene of the giant worm, head into the tunnel to your right. 

- Disturbing Revelations

Go through the tunnel and the shallow water. Grab the sniper rifle ammo before 
heading up the stairs if you need it. 

At the top, you'll come to a Locust building. Don't go all the way up the 
stairs. Keep your distance and use the range of your sniper rifle to your 
advantage. Take out the screaming Kantus first with your sniper rifle because 
they can resurrect the drones. Another Kantus will come through the door. Watch 
for tickers. 

After you kill all the enemies, go up the stairs and through the door. Once 
inside, there is ammo to your right if you need it. Keep going through the 
hallway until you get to the fork. If you're playing by yourself, you 
definitely want to take the right fork. 

The person who took the left fork should grab the sniper rifle and ammo. Once 
you are in the room with all the arches, look out the windows and shoot down 
the fruit. This will bring out the rock worm for your partner. He should be 
using the rock worm for cover. Once he gets the the end, he hits and lever and 
then the lever in your room is activated. Pull it to open the door. Go out and 
your in the same room together again. 

If you took the right fork, wait for you partner to shoot down the fruit and 
use the rock worm for cover. The sniper rifle is the easiest way to kill the 
troika gunners. Go inside the building where the troikas are and pull near the 
door to open it. 

Go down the hallway and up the ladder. There is a drone at the top, so be 
ready. Your partner will be down below you and to the left. Help him out and 
kill all the enemies behind the sandbags. If you go down the stairs nearby, 
there is a troika. Eventually, a boomer and two more drones will come out of 
the door. Once you kil everyone, go down the stairs and you will be reunited 
with your partner. 

- Sinking Feeling

Go down the path and turn right at the end and there is ammo. Keep going and 
you'll eventually get to a road and there will be a bloodmount and two drones. 
Shoot the rider off the bloodmount and his beast will go crazy. Behind the 
barrier behind and to the left there is a mortar gun. Once you get past the 
van, more enemies will come. You can use the mortar gun to kill them. 

Keep going and a revear will come. If you didn't already use the mortar gun to 
kill the reaver. There will also be sniper shooting at you from the right, kill 
them. The hammershot is a good weapon for this. Go all the way down to the end 
of the hallway and turn left at the end and there will be a sniper there. To 
your left, there are granades and a sniper rifle if you want them. 

As you are about to head down the stairs, a locust will come out of the tunnel 
across the room out of the big door. Stay on your side and hide behind the half 
wall. After you kill a few of the locust, a reaver will appear. After you kill 
everyone, go around the other side of the wall and there is an ammo box. Go 
through the broke down building and to your right, go through that door and 
there is ammo nearby. 

After the cut scene, find some cover becuase you wll be ambushed. Just stay 
behind cover and kill everyone you can. Eventually, a cut scene will happen and 
Cole will come and kill everyone for you. 

After another cut scene, grab the ammo in front of you and go out of the door. 
GO out of the hole in the wall to the right and into the cemetary. use the 
grave stones for cover and a reaver will appear. If the reaver gets too close, 
go back behind the tall stone wall for cover. Two drones and a kantus will 
attack you from across the bridge. Watch for the tickers that come acrossthe 
bridge. After yo have killed themall, go across. Behind the wall there is an 
ammo box. 

- Captivity

Go up the path and to the left at the fork. Grab the ammo near the silver pods. 
Keep going and then you'll hear Baird from inside one of the pods. 

After the cut scene head into the next room. There is an ammo box to your 
right. Keep going past the pods and eventually a Beast Barge will appear in 
front of you. Turn the corner to the left and get behind some cover. There will 
be drones near you an a boomer shooting at you from the Beast Barge. 

After they are all dead grab the ammo past the path up to the barge and then go 
up to the barge. As soon as the cut scene show your squad getting on the barge 
ends, a grinder will be shooting you in the back. Get behind cover and kill 
him. You can grab his gun after he dies. It's pretty powerful, but it slows you 
down. You drop it when you change back to any other weapon. 

Once inside the belly of the barge, hit the switch to open the cell doors. 
Nothing comes out of the first set of cells. Go up the ramp and hide behind the 
box near by. Kill the two drones and a reaver will appear. If you just stay 
hidden the reaver will fly past you. Hit the switch on the other side of the 
center column. You can use the troika to fight the reavers that attack the 
barge, but they won't ever kill you. You can just ignore them if you want. 

Eventually you connect to another barge. Kill the drones on top of the other 
barge and head across. Go down the ramp into the lower deck. Hit the switch to 
open the cells. 

After the cut scene your barge will be docked, but there will be drones 
shooting at you from the land. A grinder will also make his way over towards 
you slowly. Use the crates for cover and kill all the enemies. Head up the ramp 
onto the land. Grab the grinder's gun and head down the path to your right. 

You'll be alerted with a point of interest (hit Y) to some bloodmounts and a 
kantus coming up towards you. Get behind some cover and use the grinder's gun. 
After they are all dead continue down the path. 

Eventually, you'll come to a draw bridge at the bottom of the path that is a 
check point. Go around the corner and get behind the half walls. A bloodmount 
will charge at you. There is also a drone and a kantus up ahead. 

Continue past where they were and you'll eventually come to an old car. This is 
a check point. There are about three drones up ahead hiding by the buildings. 
Kill them and keep going down the street. More drones will appear with a 
kantus. Stay back under the lunch side or the reaver will appear and you'll 
have to fight all the enemies at the same time. When you're ready head out into 
the center area and the reaver will come. Don't let the reaver get close to you 
and stab you with its front claw. 

After the reaver is dead go grab the ammo in the middle area across from where 
you came in. At the fork in the road up ahead take the right path. There will 
be a couple drones hiding by the cars. Kill them and keep going along the right 
path. You'll come to the end of the road and three drones will be to your 
right. Get behind some cover and kill them. 

Dom will tell you that the roof is a safe landing zone for the raven. Head 
around to the left side of the building and go in the door. There's some ammo 
in there if you need it. Go up the stair case and when you reach the roof it's 
a check point. 

Grab some ammo if you need it because you're about to be ambushed. Stay back by 
your teammates. The enemies will come from all sides, but a kantus will come up 
the stairs you did so be ready for him. Defend your position until the raven 
shows up. 

-Intestinal Foritude

You're now in the belly of the giant worm. There's not much fighting in here. 
It's mostly puzzles. You'll come up to a part where giant "digestive teeth" are 
hitting the ground. The area where they hit the ground is raised a little so 
just don't stop on the raised areas. If you're having trouble, wait for it to 
hit the ground then run the second it starts to raise up. The first two teeth 
anre simple. Just run through them at the right time. Then you'll come to a 
long tooth. Sprint through it and turn right as soon and you can. Then sprint 
through the low openings. You duck as you sprint. Just don't hit the wall and 
get stuck. 

You'll come to a right turn in the hallway near a car with its lights on. Keep 
going and pick up the kantus pistol if you want. This is a check point area. 
You'll come to a double set of teeth moving in perpendicular directions. Just 
run through the first opening, the horizontal one and then stop before the 
verticle one. Go through the next one and stop in the middle again. Repeat the 
process once more and you're out. 

A cut scene will happen. After Dom uses his biology expertise to determine 
they're not at the heart, nemacyte will crawl out of the hole in the floor. 
Shoot them before they get close. Keep going down the hall and you'll meet up 
with Carmine. 

After the cut scene, you need to out run the debris wall. Don't bother looking 
back. Trust me, it's there. Use your teammates as your guides. Run for a while 
and then you'll get a point of interest. Press Y to look at the opening. Shoot 
it and it'll open up. Run through it. 

Don't bother fighting the nemacyte. Run past them and to the end of the tunnel. 
Turn right at the end and use your chainsaw to saw through the thin membrane. 
It will be a point of interest, so press Y if you're having trouble finding it. 

Run through the hallway (ignore the enemies) and you'll come to another opening 
you have to shoot open. Shoot and run through it and run past the enemies 
inside. Avoid running through the little grass like plants on the ground. They 
are poison. Shoot the teetering car and it will fall and become a ramp for you 
to run up. Once you've gone up the ramp, run right. Turn right at the end of 
this hallway and cut through the thin membrane with your chainsaw. Congrats, 
you out ran the debris wall! Was that fun? 

Another type of puzzle greats you. The acid spayers can be turned off by 
shooting them. If the acid hits you it kills you. The spots where the acid hits 
the floor are green so don't stop on the green parts of the floor. 

Shoot the first sprayer and run past it. Next is a double sprayer, shoot both 
before going through. Shoot the next one and then stop in the non-green area 
between that one and the next one. Do the same thing again to get past the 

Continue down the path and the dead body has ammo next to it if you need it. Go 
up the ramp and down the tunnel. 

You'll come to an intestine area that is filled with poison gas. The right path 
at the first fork is a dead end, so take the left. Your squadmates won't follow 
you if you go the wrong way, so if they follow you, you know you're headed in 
the right direction. Don't go down the paths filled with dark smoke. When Dom 
says, "Alright Delta, we gotta be getting close," use your chainsaw to cut 
through the wall. 

You're now in the sternum area. There's only one way to go. Continue down the 
hallway. Eventually, you'll hear the heart beat. Cut through the thin membrane 

Now you're in the heart room. Cut through two veins and head out the door 
opposite from where you came in. Keep going down the hallway and you'll hear 
another heart. Kill the nemacyte that pop out of the ground. Keep going. More 
nemacyte will appear. 

Drop down into the pool of blood. Use your chainsaw to cut the thin membrane. 

This is the worm's second heart. Cut the three arteries up the ramp to the left 
of the heart. After cutting the third one, the mass ahead of you will light so 
you can keep going. Don't go back and drown in the blood. Keep heading up the 
ramp and you'll reach a check point. 

Follow the path and you'll come to another membrane to cut. This is the final 
heart room. You have to cut four arteries this time. Be quick about it because 
the chamber will fill up with blood and you'll drown if you're too slow. 

4.3 Gathering Storm [GTHST]

-Dirty Little Secret

Go to your left and around the building. You'll come to the main entrance with 
a path leading to a set of stairs. Head up there. Kick in the double door on 
the right. Go down the hallway to the right that leads to the big vault door. 
There's a shotgun, a magnum, and a kantus pistol in the rooms on the left, if 
you want them. It's a good idea to grab a pistol because you'll need one soon. 
Go up to the door to trigger a cut scene. 

After the cut scene, you're magically transported to the room to the right of 
the vault door. Go down the hallway. There's only one way to go. Stop to admire 
the realistic raindrops on the windows, if you're into that sort of thing. 
You'll come to a room full of shelves and carboard boxes. Go through the door 
to the right. Pick up the flamethrower in the next room then go through the 
door ahead. Pull the green lighted switch. 

Go back into the room with all the shelves and look for the green lighted 
switch. Pull the switch and go through the door. There will be a ton of 
wretches in this room. Chainsaw them all. Find Jack, he'll be shining his light 
on the wheel you have to turn. Turn it to open the door and go outside. 

When you approach the centaur, a cut scene will happen. Now you're carrying the 
explosive. Walk to the lift straight ahead and Jack will activate it. Go back 
into the building. Wretches will come, but they're not a problem. Just melee 
them if they get close. Go through the door Jack opens for you and turn right. 
It's kind of trickey to manuever when carrying the charge, but just remember 
you both have to walk forward side by side. More wretches drop in from the 
ceiling in the vault door hallway. Walk all the way to the end to plant the 


Go through the door, to the left, and up the stairs. At the top, in the room to 
the right there is a collectible Interoffice Memo. Go back into the hallway and 
into the room with all the monitors. Go the the right and Jack will hack the 
door open for you. Follow this hallway. There is shotgun ammo behind the 
counter ahead of you. 

Go down the stairs and into the security room. Activate the system to kill the 
wretches and then turn it back off. Go back out into the hallway and continue 
down to the end. Kick in the door to the right. Once you're inside that door, 
turn right and go down the hallway. If you forgot to turn off the security 
system, the turret will shoot you. When you come to the next intersection, 
there will be a turret to your right. Quickly run to your right and go in the 
first door on your right. In here is a collectible, Memo from Dr. Doug Sato. 

Go down the end of the hallway and in the room on the right is a flamethrower. 
Go down the hallway. There is an active turret so stay behind cover. Go in the 
door to the right just before the turret and pull the switch to disable it. 

Instead of going back into the hallway, go through one of the doors in this 
room. There is a flame turret ahead. Kill the wretches that the flame turret 
misses. If you duck and sprint by the turrets they won't shoot at you. Disable 
them by hitting the switch near the next door. Go right down the next hallway. 

Around the next corner are three turrets. Go kick open the door across from you 
and go through that room. The other door leads to right next to the switch that 
disables the turrets. Go through that door and quickly hit the switch. 

Go through the double doors that just opened. This is a check point. Kick open 
the double doors. Turn right and head towards the double doors. Wretches will 
burst through the doors when you get close. 

Go through the doors the wretches came through and to the left. Around the next 
corner is another turret. Quickly cross the hallway into the kitchen area. 
There's more turrets in the kitchen. Stay low behind the counters. When the 
beam is pointed away quickly run behind the two turrets. Wait for the second 
turret's beam to point away and then run past it and out the door. You can 
disable the turrets by hitting the switch to your right. 

Continue down the hallway. Baird will call you and warn you about the weather. 
Continue until you're in a room with hospital beds. There are more turrets in 
here. The switch to deactivate them is on the other side of the wall with the 
screen. When you disable the turrets, wretches will charge you. 

Through the double doors are more turrets. Just run past them as fast as you 
can. There is ammo to your left if you need it. Go through the door and down 
the stairs. Turn left and keep going down the hallway. There is a check point 

At the end of this hallway are mutliple turrets. Duck and run past them. Turn 
right and Jack will cut the iron bars blocking your way. Go left in the next 
room for a check point. Go down the stairs. 

Next, you have to split up. The left side is easiest. Only one turret can be 
disabled at a time. If you're on the left all you have to do is disable a 
turret, wait for your buddy to run past it, and then disable the next one. Push 
the switches at the end of the hallway when you're past them all. Head into the 
next room to trigger a check point. 

Go into the room with the stasis tanks. Go to the back of the room and turn 
left. Go downstairs, turn left, then right, then go up the stairs. At the top, 
pull the lever on the column in the middle of the room. 

-Rude Awakening

You've now woken up all the sires in the stasis tanks downstairs. Go down the 
stairs nearby. A sire will pop out of the tank to your left. Your chainsaw 
works well against them because they don't have a gun. Also, if you chainsaw 
them, they won't get back up. Make your way around between the tanks. Chainsaw 
any sires that pop out. 

When you reach the door with the light above it, there is ammo to your right. 
Go through the door. Head towards the lighted door across the way, chainsawing 
as you go. There is a flamethrower and ammo to your left at the door. There's 
really no reason to get it though. Your chainsaw is much more effective against 
the sires than any other gun available to you right now. 

Go through the door and into the next room. Go around chainsawing all the sires 
until you've killed them all. Then go to the door straight across from where 
you came in. There are two switches you need to tun at the same time for this 

Once you're inside the next room there is a check point. Go foward and then 
make a sharp turn to your left. Down this hallway is a switch the disables the 
security system. Pull the switch. You have to listen to the AI rant for a while 
and then a door will open up head through it. 

Go up the stairs. At the top of the stairs is a check point. Go around the 
corner and a flame boomer and a bunch of drones will burst through the wall. 
Try to shoot the flame boomer's tank on his back to blow him up. Another flame 
boomer will come and more drones. Kill them and come through the hole they 
made. Another flame boomer awaits you. If you decide to use the flamethrower 
the best way to use is to blind fire. 

There are two exits for this room go down the right path, the one without the 
turret. Go hit the switch to disable the turret then go back through the 
hallway with the turret. There will be some drones in the next hallway over and 
a turret. Kill the drones and go down your hallway. Turn right and go down that 
hallway. There will be a flame boomer and a drone here. 

Kill the drone around the next corner and then down the next hallway is another 
flame boomer and more drones. Kill them and then kick open the double doors to 
your right. Once you're in the room with all the desks, a grinder boomer, a 
flame boomer, and some drones will burst through the doors. Get behind some 
cover because if the mauler starts hitting you, you die fast. 

Pick up the grenade in front of the door they came through. The falling hail 
hurts you. Avoid staying exposed for too long. Go out the door and against the 
concert block. Then go left into the small building. Grab the ammo in the 
second room. There will be a drone in the train where you are trying to go. 
Kill him first then run to the train door. To get in, you have to go into cover 
against the train and then push forward and A to climb up in it. 

Hit the brake release lever to move the train. There will be enemies shooting 
at you as the train moves. They can't really do anything to you because they 
can't get on the train, but you can shoot at them if you want. 

When the train stops leave the train and go into the building. This is a check 
point. When you go forward and emergence hole will open. Go to your right and 
down the ramp. Go through the train and you'll be flanking the hole. Throw a 
grenade in it to close it and kill any drones that got out. Some of these 
drones have sniper rifles. Pick up the rifles if possible. Go around to your 
left and then right. Go into the building. 

Use the half wall for cover and kill the drones that attack you. Turn the wheel 
to your right to open the door. You can now run under the door because it's 
blocking the hail. Go use the cover that was in front of the door before you 
opened it. Drones will be shooting you from across the way. This is a good 
place to use your sniper rifle if you have one. 

Turn back to your right and go over the half wall. Use the wheel to raise the 
second door. Now go outside the building and turn the wheel around the corner. 
Once the door is open, go inside and then left. Sprint over to the covered area 
outside the building. 

Get into the train and hit the brake release. Enemies will shoot at you but 
they can't get to you so just stay behind cover. Once the train stops go out 
and to your right and then up the ladder on the side of the building. 

Go down the hallway for a while and reach the check point. Keep going down this 
hallway and then across to the next covered area. An emergence hole will open. 
Throw a grenade in it. Sprint to the next covered area. Another hole will open, 
but this one is too far away to throw a grenade in. Wait for the enemies to 
come to you and kill them. 

Run to the next covered area and two mauler boomers will appear. The have big 
shields but they'll be holding them up to stop the hail. Kill them before they 
get too close. Pick up one of their shields and you'll hold it above your head 
when you're out in the rain. Go forward for a while and the razor hail will 
stop. You can now go around and pick up any weapons or ammo that are out in the 
open. Kill the two drones that appear. 

Go down to the end of this area and turn left. Reavers will come and attack 
you. There is ammo behind the far concrete block if you need it. Don't let them 
get close and stab you with their claws. If one gets close to you run to 
another cover spot. Save your ammo for the ones that land, the others you can't 

- Ascension

Were you having fun playing Gears of War? Too bad! Now you have to play a 
crappy tank game. 

Go forward and take the left path. You'll come to a bridge and there will be 
guys there. Keep your distance and kill them all with your rockets.Watch the 
backof your tank.When it starts to catch on fire, it indicates you are hurt. if 
you stay still for awhile, it will repair itself. after you kill everyone, keep 
going and when you come to the ramp, use your boost. Down on the road, there 
will be more guys. make sure to kill the boomer first. Up on the ledge to the 
left, there is a troika. 

Destory the gate under the arch and then go through it. follow the path and 
youll come to another group of enimies. make sure to kill the reavers first. 
after you have kiled them all, blow up the gate under the arch and keep going. 
Use the boost on the jump. turn to he right and go across the lake. go slow 
because parts of the lake will blow up. dont go into the water. 

Once you are on the other side, turn right. Two more reavers will appear, kill 
them. Now go into a new lake, exactly like before, drive slow and don't go in. 
On this lake there is a reaver, blow it up if you want. Once across the lake, 
shoot the boomers to your left. There is also a reaver behind you. Go over the 
jump through the path where the boomers were. Two more reavers will appear on 
the path. 

Go through the archway and there will be a reaver in the distance. Keep going 
an there are more enemies through the arch. If you take damage, stop and wait 
for it to repair. Continue down the path and two more reavers will come. Keep 
going and more more will come. Dom will tell you that are ceeders on the ridge, 
so kill them. More reavers will fly down when you continue down the path. 

Up ahead, Control will tell you there is a bridge you want to go to. When you 
get to the bridge, it will e out so you have to find another way. To your right 
there is a ramp, first run into the trees in front of the ram to clear a path. 
Then go back to give yourself time to build speed, and then drive to it, using 
your boost to go across. 

When you are on the other side, go back towards the other side of the bridge. 
Cntinue up the path, and more reavers and one willland up on the cliff to the 
right of you. Way down below you, there will be a lot of enimies and another 
reaver to the right. And then kill as many of the emimies down below as you 
can. Go down the path and kill everything in your way. When you get half way 
down, a bunch will start shooting you from the tower so shoot it and it will 
fall over. 

Go down the bottom and through the hole in the wall. You are in a big icy cave 
now. Keep going and it will get dark but you'll have a light. A corpser will 
appear ad shoot it in the face to kill it. Keep going down into the tunnel. Go 
over the drop off and keep going and go over the next ledge that is a little 
higher. You'll see a brumack up ahead and you can't kill it, so keep going. 
when you come to a checkpoint, go over it and you'll lose power. Corpsers will 
appear but you can't shoot them until the power comes back on. You've got to 
shoot the corpsers in the head when they open up. Shoot the one to the right 
first, then the one in the middle and then on the left. 

Keep going down the path. Go over the big cliff and you'll reach a checkpoint. 
When you get into the big over area, there will be a big brumak to your right. 
Wait for them to come around the corner. Distroy the gun on top of his head 
first. There is another one to the left and another one around the center 
pillar. The key to killing them is dodgeing their missle shots. 

 - Displacement

Go down the narrow path leading down towards the water. Keep going until you 
meet the theron. Go left and grab the grenades. Make sure to be behind cover 
when he's getting ready to fire. 

Go into the next area and get behind cover. Drones will appear in front of you 
and a boat will come to your left. Another theron will come after the drones 
and the wretches. You don't have to kill the enemies on the boat if you don't 
want to. If you go up the stairs to your right there is torque bow ammo and 
some grenades. Go up there and take out all the enemies you can see. Then head 
back down. Go across the boat to the other land mass. 

Grab the sniper rifle nearby. Kill the kantus and drones ahead of you. There is 
an ammo box to your right. Watch out for tickers. 

Keep going down this path until you reach another kantus and more tickers. Kill 
the kantus and keep going past him. When you get to the end, turn left and go 
across the bridge. A grinder and a bunch of drones will appear at the end of 
this bridge. Stay back and use cover. This is a good place to use your sniper 
rifle. After they are all dead, grab the ammo box at the end of the pier to 
your left and go to the row boat. It's a good idea to pick up the grinder's gun 
and bring it with you. 

After the cut scene, you're now on a floating piece of the bridge. Get behind 
some cover. The other boat will ram you. Shoot the enemies on the other boat. 
Get ready because a second boat will come with more enemies. 

Now you'll be going down a river with yellow imulsion coming down the side 
walls. After Dom and Marcus talk for a while another boat will come ram you. 
Kill the flame boomer on the other boat and then go across to it. 

When possible, use the troika at the head of your boat. A boat will come attack 
you from the right. After they're dead, get ready because another boat will 
come from your left. Then another boat will come from your left and then 
another in front of you. If you stay on the troika, this part shouldn't be too 

Eventually you'll go into a narrow cave. There's nothing for you to do so just 
watch until you go over the huge waterfall. 

- Brackish Waters

Pick up the grenades and lancer nearby. Go stand at the head of the boat and 
wait for the monsters tentacle to grab your boat then go chainsaw it. Then 
stand in between the second row of boxes and wait for the tentactle again. This 
time the tentacle will hit in the very front of the boat. The tentacles always 
hit in the same pattern. The next tentacle will hit at the very front of the 
boat. If you stand at the very very front edge of the boat, it will miss you. 

After you've sawed the tentacles three times the monster will bite the front of 
the boat shoot him in the eyes. He'll fall off and bite the boat again. This 
time after you shoot him in the eyes run into his mouth. From inside his mouth, 
shoot the blue wiggling tentacles. After you shoot each of the blue tentacles, 
his inside mouth in the center will open throw a grenade into it. There are 
grenades on the ground inside his mouth if you need one. If you miss the hole 
with your grenade, shoot the blue tentacles again and then you get another 

Next his tentacles will try to grab the boat again. Get rid of them the same 
way you did before. It hits towards the back so be ready to dodge. 

Now, he'll bite the boat again, get him to open his mouth by shooting his eyes, 
shoot his blue tentacles, and then throw a grenabe into his hole like you did 

After you repeat this cycle enough times, the monster will die.

4.4 Hive [HVVVV]


... to be continued.  This guide is a work in progress