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Monster Hunter World Rathalos Ruby Locations

Items in Monster Hunter World can be hard to find, especially the Rathalos Ruby. Thankfully we’re here to provide you with all of the Rathalos Ruby locations, as well as give you a list of quests where you’ll be able to obtain at least one ruby for your trouble. These are particularly important material items as weapons and armor crafted with the material will give you the advantage over certain monsters.

Which Quests Reward Rathalos Ruby in Monster Hunter World?

The hunting investigations included in this guide are all optional, so if you’re just playing the main storyline there is a chance you’ll miss them. That said the optional quests that give you the (albeit, very small) chance of earning a Rathalos Ruby are:

  • The Red and Blue Crew [Rank 7]
  • The White Winds of the New World [Rank 9]
  • New World Sky, New World Flower [Rank 9]

You’ll be fighting a number of monsters throughout these quests, some of which also drop Rathalos Ruby for you to pick up. As mentioned above, the chance of earning the Ruby Rathalos is very small (a whopping 3% chance) but we have a way that will help you raise your chances.

Which Monsters Drop A Rathalos Ruby in Monster Hunter World?

A variety of monsters drop the Rathalos Ruby, and all are high ranked so before you go rushing off into the world of Monster Hunter, make sure you prepare first. Here is the list of monsters that will drop the Rathalos Ruby.

  • Rathalos
  • Azure Rathalos

Both monsters can be found in the missions mentioned above. However, depending on where you’re hitting the monster or where you are carving them, the chance of the Rathalos/Azure Rathalos dropping the Ruby Rathalos either increases or decreases.

The prime locations where you’ll be able to find the Azure Rathalos/Rathalos are The Ancient Forest as well as The Arena.

Happy hunting, hunters. Be sure to check out our Monster Hunter World Event Schedule guide too.