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Sea of Thieves Merchant Map: What Is the Sea of Thieves Merchant Map?

It’s a harsh life being a pirate, but thankfully the Sea of Thieves Merchant map is around to help you. That said, what is the Merchant map in the first place and how can it help you enjoy your Sea of Thieves gaming experience to the fullest? As players will know, they have to be on the lookout for the enemy at every turn as everyone is after your loot, which is why you need to plan the best route so you can get there as fast as possible.

Thankfully, the Merchant map is here to help you with that.

Sea of Thieves Merchant Map: What is the Sea of Thieves Merchant Map?

There have been many different maps for Sea of Thieves, and they are often updated to help players find the fastest route to merchant resources. Most of these maps can be found on Reddit, where a number of Sea of Thieves players help others not just with resources, but finding animals, camps, taverns, and outposts too.

The merchant map also has something very handy that goes beyond just helping you track a route, it’ll also compare it to other routes that may not be as fast, but can offer more rewards. It’s a very innovative creation that will help you become a fledgling pirate into someone that’ll have your enemies quivering in fear at your prowess.

Sea of Thieves Merchant Map: How Does It Work?

As mentioned above, the Sea of Thieves merchant map allows you to find a number of different items. But how does that cross over into the game? As you’ll be able to see in Sea of Thieves’ in-game map, you’ll see that it is separated into squares that are labeled in a way that’s recognizable, such as A22. The Merchant map also follows this system, so finding the items you need won’t be hard to find.