Bolt Xbox360 Cheats


Unlockable                                             How to Unlock
Atomic Core Critical (30)Bolt's power bar maxed out
Battery Upgrade Complete (30)Penny's gadget bar maxed out
Beyond Awesome, it's Be-Awesome (100)Completed the final level of Act 5 and the Game (Oceania)
Biological Enhancement Complete (30)Bolt's health bar maxed out
Combo Master (50)Attain a 30 hit combo
Give em the ol' one-two, or six (5)Attain a 6 hit combo
Good Comrade (30)Completed the final level of Act 3 (Russia)
Hacktacular! (75)Beat a mini-game level without taking damage
Mad Combo Skills (15)Attain a 15 hit combo
No hack too hidden (35)All bonus hack levels have been found
Party Crasher (10)Completed the final level of Act 1 (Italy)
Power Overwhelming (5)Bolt successfully defeated 3 different enemies with Super Sonic Bark, Laser Eyes, and Ground Pound
Security? What Security? (50)Completed 15 Bonus Hack Levels
Sneaky Sneaky (50)Penny completed RAISIN' A RUCKUS or HIDE AND SNEAK without alerting any enemies without using cheats
So you think you can hack (15)Completed 5 Bonus Hack Levels
Tame the Mainframe (25)Completed 10 Bonus Hack Levels
Time to increase recruiting (50)250 of Calico's henchmen have been defeated
Walking is Boring (5)Penny successfully performed a wheel bar up, sidle, and cable
Welcome to the Jungle (20)Completed the final level of Act 2 (Belize)
Well "Trained" (40)Completed the final level of Act 4 (China)