Box art - Tomb Raider: Underworld

Tomb Raider: Underworld Xbox360 Cheats

Cheat Codes

Hold down the Left Trigger, and enter one of the following codes. If done correctly you should hear the "checkpoint" sound

Code                                         Effect
(Hold LT) A, RT, Y, RT, X, LBInvincibility.
(Hold LT) Y, A, Y, X, LB, BOne shot kill.
(Hold LT) X, B, A, LB, RT, YShow enemy health numerically.


Unlockable                How to Unlock
Lara's Bathing SuitComplete the game on any dificulty setting and this becoms unlocked in treasure Hunt mode when you revisit the Mediterranean Sea Expedition.
Treasure Hunt ModeComplete the game on any difficulty to unlock Treasure Hunt mode which allows you to revisit all levels to claim treasures/relics missed through storm


Unlockable                                        How to Unlock
Climber (5)Execute a chimney jump of at least 2 wall kicks
Coastal Thailand Expedition (75)Coastal Thailand Expedition successfully completed
Dedicated Relic Collector (50)Find 3 Relics
Dedicated Treasure Collector (50)Find 100 Treasures
Grenadier (10)Kill two enemies with one grenade
Master Climber (10)Execute a chimney jump of at least 4 wall kicks
Master Grenadier (10)Kill three enemies with one grenade
Master Relic Collector (70)Find all 6 Relics
Master Roadkiller (10)Kill five enemies by running over them with the motorcycle
Master Speed Demon (10)Beat all three Speed Demon challenges
Master Survivalist (100)Complete the game on hardest possible settings
Master Swan Diver (10)In one adventure, swan dive off the three highest points over water in the game
Master Treasure Collector (60)Find all 179 Treasures
Mediterranean Sea Expedition (50)Mediterranean Sea Expedition successfully completed
Prologue (25)Complete the Prologue
Relic Collector (30)Find a Relic
Roadkiller (5)Kill an enemy by running over it with the motorcycle
Skilled Treasure Collector (40)Find 50 Treasures
Speed Demon I (5)Drive into Xibalba in under 45 seconds
Speed Demon II (5)Drove from the top of Valgrind to the bottom in under 50 seconds
Speed Demon III (5)Drive through the Valhalla Maze in under 40 seconds
Swan Diver I (10)In one adventure, swan dive off one of the three highest points over water in the game
Swan Diver II (10)In one adventure, swan dive off two of the three highest points over water in the game
Treasure Collector (30)Find 10 Treasures
Weapons Expert (5)Execute an Adrenaline Attack headshot on an enemy
Weapons Master (10)Execute ten Adrenaline Attack headshots

Beneath the Ashes DLC Achievements

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Beneath the Ashes 50GComplete the Beneath the Ashes mission.
Collector 25GFind the BtA Relic.
Master Collector 50GFind the BtA Relic, and all Treasures.

Lara's Shadow DLC Achievements

Unlockable                       How to Unlock
Lara's Shadow (50)Complete the Lara's Shadow Mission
Master Reward Hunter (25)Find the Hidden Relic and all Treasures in Lara's Shadow
Refinery Speed Run (10)Complete a timed speed run from the first slope in the Refinery to the back platform without saving
Relic Hunter (10)Find the Hidden Relic in Lara's Shadow
Right of Passage (10)After destroying the Transformer, beat a timed speed run through the unstable passage without saving
Shadow Combat Master (10)Complete the combat tutorial in Lara's Shadow
Treasure Hunter (10)Find all Treasures in Lara's Shadow