Box art - Dead by Daylight

Dead By Daylight Patch Notes 2.2.0 PTB

There are new Dead By Daylight patch notes out, and although the update currently it’s only for a Player Test Build on PC soon it will roll out to the full version of the game and consoles. So, what’s coming in Dead By Daylight Update 2.2.0? Plenty of interesting map and balance changes, as well as the usual bug fixes, but also numerous important new features. Let’s detail all the important changes.

Dead By Daylight Patch Notes Player Test Build Update?

The most important thing to realize is that Update 2.2.0 is currently only available on the Player Test Build server on PC. As the name suggests, this means it’s only in beta and is being tested by players on PC before the patch rolls out to the main game, as well as the console version. As such, that means everything here could change and may not be final. Nevertheless we expect most of it to remain the same, although perhaps with just a few tweaks and additions.

What is the Broken Survivor Status Effect?

There are a few new features and content coming in the new patch, of which by far the most interesting is the scary-sounding ‘Broken’ status effect for Survivors. Survivors afflicted with Broken may no longer be healed beyond ‘injured’ health state, at least for as long as the affliction is active, so the Killer would be able to down them in a single hit. It becomes active on the rare occasion players manage to escape from hooks by themselves using Deliverance. Other players can see this status in the portraits on their HUD.

Dead By Daylight The Wraith Killer Overhaul

When it comes to Killers, the Wraith has received what can only be described as an overhaul in patch 2.2.0, with the Nurse being the only other Killer to get changes (and that’s just an animation tweak). As developer Behaviour put it, they have “revisited all of the Wraith’s add-ons” with major tweaks and improvements, all designed to make the Wraith more effective. It’s also now much quicker, more resistant to flashlights, and can immediately attack straight from its cloaking ability. It might be worth playing as this guy again, now.

What other important changes in Dead By Daylight Patch 2.2.0?

Another feature being added is a new score event, ‘Safe Hook Rescue.’ This occurs when a Survivor is unhooked and not downed for 10 seconds, and the player who saved them is the one who gets the points. There are also more Customer Support options, including a direct in-game link to the Help Desk and a new way to report players using exploits. Otherwise there are general adjustments and fixes to maps, events, and even pallets, which now  get thrown down quicker. Oh, and the Hillbilly’s chainsaw is more likely to hit people, which is good news (for the Hillbilly).