Need For Speed Undercover,Need for Speed: Undercover PC Cheats


Cheat Codes

Hit escape key while playing to open the menu. Then proceed to the options menu and select "secret code." Then type the codes listed below for their desired effect. Note: codes are case sensitive.

0;6,2;Die-Cast Lexus IS F bonus car
@/;#/+Die-Cast Nissan 240SX (S13) bonus car
!3/$"):Die-Cast Volkwagen R32 bonus car Lotus Elise bonus car
S1D3K1CKT-Mobile give's you $15,000 money
)[email protected]=Unlocks Die-Cast Audi R8 Bonus Car
!K?MMF0Unlocks Die-Cast Camaro Concept Bonus Car
qlcukc4bqmUnlocks Die-Cast Dodge Charger Bonus Car
!C6;C>EUnlocks Die-Cast Dodge Viper SRT10 Bonus Car
"90=*[email protected]Unlocks Die-Cast GT-R Police Bonus Car
2Unlocks Die-Cast Mitsubishi Lancer Bonus Car
d5dviyrlgnUnlocks Die-Cast Pontiac GTO Bonus Car
>8P:I;Unlocks Die-Cast Posche 911 Turbo Bonus Car
NeedForSpeedShelbyTerlinguaUnlocks Shelby Terlingua Bonus Car

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