Graveyard Keeper Faith Points: How to Get More Faith Points

Sometimes you’ve just have to have a little bit of faith. Or in this case, Graveyard Keeper Faith points, which are a lot harder to obtain than you would think. Getting faith points often means you’ll have access to new pieces of technology and other very nice features and resources that’ll make your life as a graveyard keeper that much easier. However, to get Graveyard Keeper faith you’ll need to go the extra mile.

Graveyard Keeper Faith Points: How to Get More Faith Points

The key to getting Faith points is delivering sermons, but if you’re a beginner then you may be wondering how you can deliver sermons in the first place. As you progress throughout the story you’ll be given a “casual sermon” by Episcop when you first open the church, which will allow you to perform your very first sermon. Sermons can either go very well or very poorly depending on the quality of your church, so be sure that you’re satisfied with your Church before you start your first sermon.

There have been problems with the first sermon going missing, so we’d advise you to keep this sermon on you at all times.

That said, the casual sermon isn’t all that great for getting a good hand of Faith points so it would probably be best for you to create your own sermons. So, how do you create your own sermons?

Graveyard Keeper Faith Points: How Do You Craft Sermons?

Now crafting sermons can often be long and tiresome, but we believe in you and your dedication to earning the Faith points you deserve.

To craft a sermon, you first need to go to your desk and craft three pieces of notes paper, which requires clean paper, pen, ink and a story – which is one of the most important resources you’ll need to write notes and chapters. Once you’ve acquired some fresh notes you’ll be able to produce a chapter. Now for the first prayer, the prayer of faith, you’ll also need five faith points before you can produce it.

Once you have your chapter and the faith points you need, you should be more than ready to go to craft the sermon you need to bring in your flock.