Box art - Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List

There’s a new Killer available for Dead By Daylight, the creepy Spirit which seems a cross between the girl from The Grudge and the female version of The Mummy. It’s probably too soon to say whether she’s one of the best Killers in the game, especially as she’s only available on the Public Test Build of the game, but what is the current Dead by Daylight Killer Tier List and where could The Spirit possibly fit into it? Let’s have a look.

Current Dead By Daylight Killer Tier List

Please bear in mind, there is no official Killer Tier List for Dead By Daylight of the 12 Killers in the game, so everything we say is totally subjective. This list is based on combination of player choices gleaned from the internet, on the forums, Reddit etc, and personal preference. Feel free to argue about any ranking in the comments. Now then, from Worst to Best…

TIER 1 (A)

  • Nurse: Tough to get used to, but once you do she’s unstoppable, and can negate pretty much all survivor abilities in the right hands.
  • Huntress: Ranged combat allows her to make pallets not the insta-win they usually are against any other Killer.
  • Hillbilly: His instant-down fast-speed chainsaw is devastating in the right hands, despite being one of the first Killers he’s one of the best.

TIER 2 (B)

  • Doctor: His Shock Therapy power counters loops, and it’s very hard to use stealth against him, which is the main weapon survivors have.
  • Clown: The newer Killer hasn’t really been nerfed yet and has a ranged ability with his potions, which can be used to powerful effect.
  • Pig: The SAW Killer is unique and fun, hides well, and gives extra problems for the Survivors with her head-traps.
  • Michael Myers (The Shape): The Halloween Killer might be considered lower tier as he doesn’t have any exceptional powers, but he’s fun to play and can either be stealthy or uber-powerful.

TIER 3 (C)

  • Hag: She’s based almost entirely around traps, but unlike the Trapper it’s harder to spot hers and she can warp to them. Nevertheless she’s not good in chases.
  • Trapper: Has a buff coming soon, but is still not the greatest as his traps are fairly easy to spot and he can only carry a few.
  • Leatherface: Very similar to Hillbilly (boringly so) but just not as good, and is really based around camping, which is a mortal sin for Killers.

TIER 4 (D)

  • Freddy Krueger (The Nightmare): It’s heartbreaking having arguably the most recognisable horror movie character in the game so low, but Freddy is terribly susceptible to generator rushes. He’s great at the long game, but if Survivors just run and get the generators quickly he can’t really do much to stop them.
  • Wraith: Is getting a big buff in the new patch, but right now he’s slow and awkward. This may change soon though.

Where Does the New Dead by Daylight Spirit Killer Fit In?

At the moment it’s impossible and unfair to suggest where the new Killer will fit into this Tier List, especially as the Spirit is not officially out yet. She has the ability to travel quickly across the map and in terms of abilities and Perks sounds similar to the Nurse, the current ghost lady of Dead By Daylight, and we put her in the top tier. The Spirit doesn’t sound quite as powerful to us, but we’ll be able to tell more once she goes live.