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Fortnite Rift Locations: Use a Rift at Different Rift Spawn Locations

We’re so close to the Fortnite Season 5 Week 8 challenges that we can almost taste them. We’ve already covered the search between three oversized seats and the Fortnite place traps challenge, and now we’re here with another handy guide. Every week we are given a new set of challenges to tackle. Completing a challenge nets us with Battle Stars to level up our Battle Pass tier. One of Week 8’s new challenges has us find and use ten Fortnite rift locations. Where are the Fortnite rift spawn locations? What do we get for finishing the challenge? All is revealed below.

Fortnite Rift Locations: Where are the Rifts in Fortnite?

fortnite rift locations

If you’re thinking that this task sounds similar to one that appeared in Fortnite’s Week 5 challenges, you’d be right. This time around, however, we are tasked with not only finding ten different rifts/Rift-to-Go devices, but we must also be sure to use them. It gets trickier yet, too. We cannot use the same rift multiple times. Thankfully, there are plenty of rifts to go around. On the map above, the red markers show where many of the Fortnite rift locations are.

To complete the challenge, you’ll need to find and use ten different rifts. To use a rift, all you need to do is walk or jump into them. You’ll then be shot straight into the air. Simple enough.

Fortnite Rift Locations: What Do We Get For Completing the Challenge?

Finishing the rift-filled task will reward you with a solid 5 Battle Stars. It shouldn’t be a particularly difficult challenge to complete, so the reward is smaller than that of the more difficult tasks, such as search between three oversized  chairs. Follow our map above and you’ll find and use those ten different rifts in no time at all.

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