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Fortnite Default Dance: What Was the First Fortnite Dance?

Everyone loves to bust a move in Fortnite, with the abundance of dance emotes now available. However, the Fortnite Default Dance remains one of the all-time favorites for many players of the popular battle royale game. It was the first Fortnite dance emote to have been released, and there’s a reason for that. It currently lives on as a meme, thanks in part to the awesome music accompanying the dance.

Fortnite Default Dance: Fortnite Default Dance Origin and Cost

The Fortnite Default Dance is actually based on a dance performed by the character Turk in Season Five Episode Nine of the television show Scrubs. Take a look at the original dance which inspired the Fortnite Default Dance below (the dance starts at about 47 seconds into the video).

Now compare that with the Fortnite Default Dance. The music accompanying the dance may be different, but the first few seconds of the Fortnite Default Dance is identical to Turk’s dance in the Scrubs episode. The loud music that comes with the Fortnite Default Dance is now as iconic as the dance itself, and that’s because the meme doesn’t work without the music.

Every player can gain access to the Fortnite Default Dance, as it is free for everyone. They will be automatically equipped with the dance emote when they start playing the game for the first time.

Fortnite Default Dance: How To Equip The Fortnite Default Dance

Like we previously mentioned above, new players will be automatically equipped with the Default Dance. PS4 and Xbox One players will need to press the down directional button on their controller to activate the dance emote, while B is the default button for PC players to perform the same action.

Long-time players who wish to re-equip the Default Dance will just need to go to their Item Locker and search for the dance emote again. Then, they will have to select said dance emote and choose to equip them in one of the six slots available for emotes.