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Fortnite Barrel Roll: How to Do a Barrel Roll in Fortnite

Ah, Fortnite. People keep thinking of more and more interesting ways to avoid taking damage. We’ve all seen people jumping about like a fish out of water, running for the hills and frantically building. Now the trending maneuver is rolling out of the way, which isn’t actually possible by normal means. However, several clips have appeared online of what appears to be people making the most out of a glitch to avoid taking any damage. We’ve all seen Youtubers rolling away from taking damage, but how can we perform the Fortnite barrel roll? There is a way, and it’s surprisingly simple.

Fortnite Barrel Roll: How to do a Barrel Roll in Fortnite

For the unaware, a barrel roll is typically something that you’d see a fighter jet or spaceship do in a dogfight situation. It involves rolling over to one side and, when timed well, can be used to completely avoid taking damage. As of right now, however, there is no such move available in Fortnite. How exactly are people barrel rolling in the game? Well, making the most out a glitch involving either the Flippin’ Sexy emote, or the Flippin’ Incredible emote. Both are rare emotes that will set you back 500 V-Bucks. To barrel roll in Fortnite, buy and equip either one of these and time to perfection to avoid taking damage. It can be particularly useful when trying to avoid rockets.

Fortnite Barrel Roll: Will There Ever Be a Barrel Roll Emote?

As the Fortnite barrel roll is currently trending, there is a chance that a barrel roll emote could be added into the game soon. Remember, Epic Games did add in a thanks to the bus driver action after it became a popular meme. Epic, too, added in a memorial for a hilariously failed rescue mission. Who knows, we could see a barrel roll emote release date eventually.