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Fortnite Tribute Easter Egg Location: The Greatest Rescue Mission in Fortnite Tribute

Epic Games has done a great deed with the Fortnite Tribute Easter Egg. This little Easter Egg features a tribute to the greatest rescue mission in Battle Royale history; one that, unfortunately, resulted in failure. We are going to go over what this tribute is for and how you can check it out right now.

The Fortnite Tribute Easter Egg is a first of its kind for the ever-growing Battle Royale game. Epic Games hasn’t used the game as a chance to pay tribute to someone before so this is definitely new. We will see if Epic Games does this again for someone else.

Fortnite Tribute Easter Egg Location Explained: The Greatest Rescue Mission

The Fortnite Tribute Easter Egg is in tribute of the greatest rescue mission ever in Battle Royale history. This feat was shared a ton recently online and it became a huge hit across social networks, sites, and more. If you have been living in a bush this last week and haven’t seen it, we recommend you check it out right now above.

Okay, know what it is now? Well, the Fortnite Tribute Easter Egg is a tribute to that rescue mission and the fallen Chappadoodle who actually purposely stood in the way of the golf cart in order to stop streamer Muselk from bouncing off into the water.

Epic Games has honored Chappadoodle with the Fortnite Tribute Easter Egg, which is actually in the game right now alongside the most recent update. You can head just northeast of Paradise Palms and south of the race tracks. There is a little island that you can fall down to along the water where Chappadoodle died. In honor, there is a grave and some tires to jump onto. This will make sure that what happened to him doesn’t happen again.

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