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Far Cry 5 New Game Plus Update: Far Cry 5 Update 10 Details

The Far Cry 5 New Game Plus update has arrived for Ubisoft’s sequel to the popular open-world franchise. Update 10 to the game brings various bug fixes, assets, and content for the game’s final DLC, an “Infamous” difficulty, and a New Game Plus Mode. This update came out on August 27 for all platforms.

Far Cry 5 New Game Plus Update: What Is in the New Far Cry 5 Update?

The Far Cry 5 New Game Plus update adds a lot of content to the open-world game. It adds various bug and stability fixes such as fixing an audio-issue that caused the game to crash. The update also adds various assets for the final DLC of the game, Dead Living Zombies, into the arcade mode ahead of its release.

Most importantly, however, is the update’s addition of a new difficulty setting and a New Game Plus mode. The new difficulty setting, called “Infamous,” will ramp the challenge of the game up by making enemies do more damage, harder to defeat, and find the player more easily. This setting will only be available in New Game Plus mode and players will not be able to lower the difficulty setting of their save without restarting it.

The New Game Plus mode is also an extensive addition to the game. It will only be available to players who have finished the campaign once already. The mode will carry over “weapons, unlocks, perks, and challenges” according to Ubisoft’s forum post about the update. However, players will not be able to carry over all of their progress.

The patch notes state that players “will lose all map reveals, mission progress, resistance points, and guns for hire.” However, the New Game Plus mode will allow you to purchase some perks again. It must also be noted that the New Game Plus mode will not affect your Arcade mode progress.

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