DBZ Dokkan Battle New Summon Animations: What Do the Summon Animations Mean?

Dragon Ball fans have had all of the fun stuff come out for them this year, what with Dragon Ball FighterZ and DBZ Dokkan Battle, we’re curious how they get the time to play so many Dragon Ball games without burning out. That said, when DBZ Dokkan Battle new summon animations are released, we understand the need to jump in on your phone and check them out immediately. Gachas are, after all, quite addictive.

But what do the new summon animations mean? With so many of them, it’s easy to lose track of what they all mean. Thankfully, we’re here to help. There are a number of animations, so be ready for a lengthy read, folks.

DBZ Dokkan Battle New Summon Animations: What Do the Summon Animations Mean?

DBZ Dokkan Battle summons, like any gacha game, is risky in the way that they can’t guarantee you won’t get a duplicate or a weak character. However, the summon animations that you see on screen before your character is revealed can indicate what sort of type of character you’ll be receiving.

One of the most basic new summon animations is Goku saying “bye guys” and the screen shattering, which guarantees an SSR character when you pull.

Another is the “Thank you Dragon Balls” animation where Goku is up in the air during his fusion. Like the animation mentioned above, this summons animation means that you will earn an SSR character.

Super Saiyan Goku is the main character in the mentioned animations, however, there are some cases where Goku will not reach his Super Saiyan form. When Goku isn’t in his Super Saiyan form, players will only pull R character unless it is a multi-pull, which does give the chance of pulling an SSR or SSR character.

DBZ Dokkan Battle New Summon Animations: Does Vegeta have Summons Animations?

On the contrary, Goku isn’t the only character who gets to have all the fun with his animation summons. There are cases where you’ll see your other favorite Saiyan in action, but very rarely in comparison to Goku.

When you do a multiple summon and you see Vegeta flying around Goku before he performs his Kamehameha blast, there is a huge chance that Vegeta and Goku will fuse together into Super Vegito or Vegito Blue. If you’re lucky enough to get Super Vegito, you’ll be rewarded with either an LR or Dokkan Fest exclusive character.

DBZ Dokkan Battle New Summon Animations: What Does Guaranteed Character Mean?

There are some animations that do not revolve around just one character, but multiple such as the Kamehameha blast where multiple Dragon Ball fighters can join Goku in the animation. Depending on who joins Goku, it can mean a variety of things. Unlike the animation summons mentioned above, this one focuses more on which characters you can earn from certain Gacha events such as Dokkan Fest.

These guaranteed characters can be Goten, Trunks, Gohan, Piccolo, Tien, Chaiotzu, Yamcha and Maijin Buu.

As mentioned above, Goku remains the consistent character in the animations for this pull. These are the combinations that will yield you a guaranteed character.

  • Goku and Krillin
  • Goku, Goten, and Trunks.
  • Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo
  • Goku, Tien, and Chiaotzu
  • Goku, Tien, Chiaotzu, and Yamcha.