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Monster Hunter World Bazelgeuse: Bazelgeuse Location, Strength, and Weaknesses

So you’ve finished Monster Hunter World for the first time and you’ve decided that enough is enough. From now on you’re just going to chill with friends by the campfire, telling stories about your wild adventures and never hurt another polygonal, fictional monster again. But you’d be wrong because the Monster Hunter World Bazelgeuse is still out there, and you’ll be damned if you let one dastardly monster get away, right?

Well, of course you’re not, that’s why you’re here, isn’t it?

Monster Hunter World Bazelgeuse: What Are the Bazelguese?

The Bazelguese should be known as the scaly plane of mass destruction if Monster Hunter World had wyverns as planes. The Monster Hunter World codex describes the beast best, as a “nefarious flying wyvern that travels the New World in search of prey. It scatters explosive scales over a wide area to prey on whatever gets caught in the blast.”

As you can tell, they aren’t the best of monsters to try and hunt and so we advise only those who believe they are adequately leveled with the best armor money (or sweat and tears) can buy to go after this vicious monster. Or if you’re feeling really desperate, have a huge group of friends to help take it down with for you because that’s what friendship is all about.

So you know what they are. But where are they?

Monster Hunter World Bazelguese: Where Can I Find the Bazelguese?

According to the many complaints made on the internet, it seems as though the Bazelguese will find you before you can find him. However, that isn’t completely true as there are certain locations where you will be able to find more Bazelguese than most. These locations are the Ancient Forest, Coral Highlands, Rotten Vale, Wildspire Waste, and the Elder’s Recess.

But if you’re still struggling on finding the Bazelguese, you can look into your investigations where it will help navigate you to the nearest place you can track the wyvern.

If that still doesn’t help, remember that the monster is very large and often engages in battle with other larger monsters. Knowing that, if you attack another large monster in the area where you believe the Bazelguese will be then there is a chance you’ll encounter the Bazelguese sooner rather than later.

Monster Hunter World: What Is the Bazelguese’s Weaknesses?

The monster does have its weaknesses. When it is finally on the ground you’ll have a much easier time trying to access its head which, along with its tail, is one of the weakest spots of the Bazelguese. You could also target the wings, but they are much more resistant to damage than the head and tail so we’d advise against it.

Another weakness Bazelguese has is the elements of Thunder, Ice, and Dragon, however Ice and Dragon elements do less damage than Thunder. Yet we’d still advise you to go with a duel-wielding set up as you can then mix and match with the elements that you know are going to give the Bazelguese the most trouble. It also is somewhat susceptible to Poison, Paralysis, and Sleep status effects, so make sure to take the right items if you want to take advantage of this.

Though if you really just want to focus on one weapon that’ll be useful in destroying the monster completely, you can’t go wrong with the greatsword the Lightning Punisher. Not only is it a great sword (pun intended) but it looks badass too.

Of course, you may actually just not want to fight the beast at all, in which case we just have this to say: run. Or throw a dung pod at the Bazelguese to scare him off, whatever suits your playstyle.

Monster Hunter World: What Is the Bazelguese’s Strengths?

If you’ve not noticed, the Bazelguese is ridiculously huge and can take up a lot of space when it’s trying to pummel you into a human smoothie. So it goes without saying that you’ll need to be fast on your feet to try and avoid its huge body, which can be difficult if you’ve only just come across the monster for the first time and aren’t sure what its movements are like.

As the codex describes, the Bazelguese drops its scale pods, which it can then detonate once he dives bombs them. These can cause a lot of damage but are manageable by dodging and diving out of their way. Just think of it as a game of dodgeball, but with a wyvern, and you’ll be fine.

There is also the problem with it being in the air which, depending on how well you are with a bow, can be more of an advantage for you rather than the Bazelguese. Let’s just pretend you can’t fire to save your life which is why we say, when you see an opportune moment: take it.