Box art - Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital Sandbox Mode: Can You Unlock Sandbox Mode?

Two Point Hospital lets you take control of your very own dysfunctional health center, and the chaos that ensues within it has left players wondering how to unlock the Two Point Hospital sandbox mode. While the game features a loose story mode, is there any way to dive into free play and start up a hospital from scratch? Let’s take a look.


Does Two Point Hospital Have a Sandbox Mode?

Two Point Hospital is structured a little different from other simulation games, as each of its more structured objectives takes place in a different sandbox. Unlike games such as the recently released Jurassic World Evolution, where its missions transport you to a bunch of locations of various shapes and sizes, you can expand your hospital quite liberally in Two Point Hospital.

This makes the need for a sandbox mode a little redundant. You begin each mission with a pre-built hospital on a plot of land, before you can expand to other plots of land after earning enough cash to purchase them. While you can’t lay down your own walls and rearrange the terrain like in The Sims, you can then the rooms within your hospital, along with adding decorative items.


How to Unlock Two Point Hospital Sandbox Mode

The fact that each mission in Two Point Hospital is structured like a sandbox means that there’s no dedicated, unlockable sandbox mode. When you begin your campaign with the game, you’ll begin in one of its 15 different hospitals spread out across 5 different regions, and from there you’ll be able to progress through each hospital.

Though they are each laid out differently, and some contain different environmental hazards such as colder temperatures or frequent earthquakes, you’ll be able to expand them as you see fit. As such, there’s not much of a need for a Two Point Hospital sandbox mode. Perhaps this will be disappointing for those who wanted to develop all the intricacies of their hospital from scratch, though there’s still plenty to do in the game to ensure that budding hospital managers won’t get bored of its missions.