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Fortnite Wailing Woods Chests Locations: Where to Search For Chests in Wailing Woods

The Fortnite Season 5 Week 8 challenges are finally upon us! Every week, Fortnite players are given a new list of challenges to tackle. Completing them all nets you with XP and Battle Stars that you can use to level up your Battle Pass Tier. Finishing all the tasks will also reward you with a new loading screen. This comes with a hint regarding the whereabouts of a top-secret Battle Star. We’ve covered the likes of where to search between three oversized seats, Rift locations, and the best places to place ten traps. Today, we’ll take a look at another of the easy week 8 challenges. The search for chests in Wailing Woods challenge is simple enough. It has us search for seven Fortnite Wailing Woods chests. Where are the Wailing Woods chests locations? What does finishing the challenge award us? Read on to find out.

Fortnite Wailing Woods Chests Challenge: How to Complete

Finishing the search for seven chests in Wailing Woods will award you with five Battle Stars. It’s an easy challenge, but finding the Wailing Woods chests locations could prove tricky. To finish the challenge, all you need to do is find seven different chests in Wailing Woods and open them. Remember, you’ll need to finish a game for it to count when you find and open a chest – you can’t just quit. Other players will be after the chests, mind, so you’ll have to watch out.

Fortnite Wailing Woods Chests Locations: Where are the Wailing Woods Chests?

Fortnite Wailing Woods chests

Thankfully, there are plenty of chests to be found in Wailing Woods. It might get a little hectic out there with everyone else chasing after the same thing, but you have a good amount of time to find and open seven chests. You also don’t have to find them all in one game, which is a relief. Where are the Fortnite Wailing Woods chests? Simply look to our map above to find out! Head to the spot marked and open the chest that’s there. Simple.

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