Box art - Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital Research Centre: How to Research New Rooms

Two Point Hospital, the spiritual successor to Theme Hospital, is out now. As part of maintaining each hospital to a high standard, players are tasked with building a Two Point Hospital Research Centre to build new diagnostic, surgical and treatment rooms. These new sections in the hospitals will be able to treat and cure patients of their various diseases. Just how do Two Point Hospital players go about researching these necessary rooms though?

How do you Build a Two Point Hospital Research Centre?

Before you can build a research centre, you need to unlock Mitton University in Two Point Hospital. Mitton University becomes available after you achieve a one-star rating on previous hospital Flottering. A Two Point Hospital Research Centre requires you to train a doctor – the only staff doctor you can hire here, mind you – in research to be able to use their talents in a research centre.

Once your doctor is trained in research, you can put them in a pre-built research room and get them to work on launching new research projects, become better at diagnosing Two Point Hospital‘s ailments and discover new rooms to build in your hospitals.

Two Point Hospital Research Centre – How to Research New Rooms

Once your Two Point Hospital Research Centre is built, you can drop a doctor with a research qualification into the centre and get to work. First, you need to select a project to research from the available projects list, which should include the option of new rooms to build. Once selected, you need to green light the project – which costs money – and the trained doctor will put their brain to use in figuring out to make this new room a reality.

You can increase how quickly new rooms are researched by increasing the number of trained research doctors in the same centre. Alternatively, you can share your research across the number of Two Point Hospitals you own, and this will help ramp up how rapid new rooms are researched. Once they are, it’s a matter of having enough room in an available hospital to build them.