Call of Duty: World at War Death Card Guide

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     | |        /__   | |   | |     || ||||_  |  | |  || |  | |  | |      /
     | |_____  / __   | |__ | |__   ||_||| _| |  |_|  || |__| |  | |    | |
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    //  / || ||| |_| | | |   | |  | |  /__   | |      //  //__  | |_| |
         /  ||_||   __  | |__ | |__| | / __   | |           // __  |  __ 
    _/_/   |___||_|  _||____||_____/ /_/  _ |_|      _/_//_/  _|_|  _|

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Table of contents

A) Introduction

B) Death card guide

   B.1 - Semper fi

   B.2 - Little resistance

   B.3 - Hard landing

   B.4 - Vendetta (Contributed by dolumis)

   B.5 - Their land their blood

   B.6 - Burn'em out

   B.7 - Relentless

   B.8 - Blood and iron

   B.9 - Ring of steel

   B.10 - Eviction

   B.11 - Black cats

   B.12 - Blowtorch and corkscrew

   B.13 - Breaking point

   B.14 - Heart of the reich

   B.15 - Downfall

   B.16 - Nacht der untoten

C) Level,card name,cheat name,and action.

D) Updates/Additions

E) Contact information

F) Special thanks

G) Dedication

H) Disclaimers 

I) Copywrites

A) Introduction

This guide will show you where to find the death cards hidden in the 
game. The only that I ask is that you bare with me because this is 
my first time writting a guide for anything and I promise that I will 
try to do the best that I can. I have also listed all the levels of 
the game showing which levels do and don't have death cards. There  
are thirteen death cards in all They can be activated and used only 
on coop modes. If you have any questions or still having DIFFICULTY 
locating a death card then you can refer to the contact section of 
this guide and email me your questions. I will only respond to the
questions refering to the death cards.  

This guide will also show you what each death card is and what they

one more thing before we begin. Fpr those of you that donn't know it
when you do find a death card it will be attached to a helmet and the
helmet will be sitting on the butt of a rifle stuck in the ground or 
leaning against a wall. Mostly they are found leaning against a wall
and next to a dead enemy. These were actually used in the wars as a 
grave marker. It makes since though when you find some of these death 
cards next to a dead body. Once all the death cards are collected the
"Grave Robber" acheivement will be completed. now enough of the Who
Haw!! Let's get to the nitty gritty

B) Death card guide

B.1) Semper fi - (8 of hearts)

In the begining of this level after being rescued and you are ready 
for some payback head for the first hut on your right. Go inside it
and bingo!! there's the 8 of hearts.

B.2) Little resistance - (4 of clubs)

Before you go in to the bunker and climb up the ladder to call in the 
artillery strikes on the enemy tanks look to the right of the bunker 
door outside up in the corner. Nice you just got the 4 of clubs.  

B.3) Hard landing - (King of hearts)

After you see the bomber plane crash go with your men up to a large 
structure loaded with lot's of enemies. Once inside the structure and 
all the enemies have been eleminated YOUR men will be waiting for you 
at some stairs that lead upward. In this room where the stairs are go 
towards the stairs and your men will go up the stairs without you. Go
to the far right of the stairs and check around the pillars. Here you
will find the King of Hearts.  

B.4) Vendetta - (5 of diamonds) - Contribution by domislong

I had trouble locating this card but thanks to the help of domislong  
I was able to locate it.

After you jump through the window of the first building you hide in 
you will have to wait until the sergeant finishes talking and then  
opens the bar for you to proceed with the level. Once the bar is open 
go behind the bar and all the way to your left and you will find the
5 of diamonds.

B.5) Their land their blood - (Joker)

After the enemy tank blows it's way out of the barn take it and all of 
the enemy soldiers with it out. Go in to the barn and check the stall
with the dead enemy draped over the dead cow. Wow what a likely couple
that they make dont't you think? Here you will find the Joker. 

B.6) Burn'em out - (Queen of hearts)

Right before you take out the second mortar crew there will be a small 
bunker with some enemies taking cover inside and are ready to kill you
as you walk through the door way. The second mortar crew is to your 
right and the small bunker is dug in to your left straight across from  
the second mortar crew. Go inside the small bunker and then show the
enemies just what you really think of bonzai. After all the enemies 
are dead check right behind the gunner window and you will find the 
Queen of Hearts. 

B.7) Relentless - (9 of diamonds)

When you reach the tunnels you will notice their are two ways in. Fight 
your way through the tunnels to an area where the tunnels merge in to 
an open area. After you discuss the physics of I shoot you and you die 
with the enemies here YOU will find that the tunnels will continue on  
again. Work your way through either tunnel until you find another short  
tunnel that connects the tunnels together so you can cross over from 
either side. In this short tunnel if you cross over from the right then
check on your left side of the short tunnel and if you cross over from 
your left then check on your right side of the short tunnel. Here you
will find the 9 of Diamonds.

B.8) Blood and iron - (No death card)

This is the level where you drive the tank. No death card here.

B.9) Ring of steel - (Jack of spades)

Once reach the area where there is a huge mansion of a building that's 
in ruins with a small center courtyard inside go in to the court yard 
and go all the way to your left. in the corner is a dead enemy and next 
to him you will find the Jack of Spades.

B.10) Eviction - (Ace of spades)

When you are making your way through the buildings you will come to an 
area where there are two floors. You will have enemies shoot at you from
both floors and at least one shooting at you with a panzershak. You will 
already be on the second floor when you come to this area. Right before 
area there is a room on the right with a giant hole blown in the floor. 
down through the hole in the floor and then look behind you up agaiinst 
the wall and you will find the Ace of Spades.

B.11) Black cats - (No death card)

This is the level where you run back and forth from gun to gun and shoot
the enemy boats and planes. No death card here.

B.12) Blowtorch and corkscrew - (10 of clubs)

After you blow up the first bunker with the 200mm gun in it put your back
to the bunker and across the way your men will have taken cover in front
of some rather large stones. Go to those stones and right up against them
are some dead enemies and between them you will find the 10 of Clubs. 

B.13) Breaking point - (3 of diamonds)

After you take out the last mortar crew go to the far right and you will 
see a small building with two windows in the front of it. Kill all the 
enemies inside and then look just inside the door to your left between 
the window and the stack of crates and you will find the 3 of Diamonds.

B.14) Heart of the reich - (6 of clubs)

In the begining of this level you are being pulled up some steps by your 
sergeant. After your sergeant gives you your gun go all the way to your 
left to another set of steps that are pretty much like the steps that you 
just came from. Go down these steps and at the bottom next to a dead boby 
you will find the 6 of Clubs.

B.15) Downfall - (2 of spades)

Before you enter the big meeting room which will be the second to the area  
before you complete the game you will see your men in the hallway kicking 
in the door of a small room with enemies cowering inside. After your men 
have executed those enemies go in to the small room and just inside to the
left of the door you will find the 2 of Spades.

B.16) Nacht der untoten - (No death card)
This is the zombie level that you earn when you complete the game. No card

C) Level,card name,cheat name,and action

Level                Card name          Cheat name     Action
Semper fi         - (8 of hearts)     - Thunder      - Have explosive 
                                                       head shots.

Little resistance - (4 of clubs)      - Hard headed  - Have stronger 
                                                       enemies against 

Hard landing      - (K of hearts)     - Suicide king - Have explosive 
                                                       pistol rounds.

Vendetta          - (5 of diamonds)   - Cold dead    - Have enemy
                                        hands          weapons 

Their land their  - (Joker)           - Sticks and   - Have knives 
blood                                   stones         and rocks only. 

Burn'em out       - (Queen of hearts) _ Vampire      - Have recharge 
                                                       health by 

Relentless        - (9 OF diamonds)   - Flak jacket  - Have stronger 
                                                       enemies against

Ring of steel     - (Jack of spades)  - Body armour  - Have only 
                                                       head shots 
                                                       kill enemies.

Eviction          - (Ace of spades)   - Undead       - Have enemies 
                                        soldier        revive 

Blowtorch and     - (10 of clubs)     _ Pain killer  - Have revive 
corkscrew                                              dead coop 

Breaking point    - (3 of diamonds)   - Berserker    - Have become 

Heart of the      - (6 of clubs)      - Paintball    - Have paintball 
reich                                                  guns.

Downfall          - (2 of spades)     - Victory      - Have limits 

D) Updates/Additions

E) Contact information

I can be reached through my wife's email (thats right I said my
wife's email) as I do not have a new personal email set up. Hey
old people like to play too ya know lol!! Well actually we are 
not old but anyway the email address is [email protected] 
Remember I will respond only to the questions that are about the 
death cards.

F) Special thanks

Special thanks to (domislong) for contributing the location of
the death card in the Vendetta level. Also special thanks to all
of those who have taken the time to create a faq which IS the 
true reason why I wanted to create this guide. I have been using 
guides frequenty and I wanted to return the favor and give back 
to the players what has been given to me over the years. I hope
I will have the opertunity to create yet another guide. So Until 
then I hope this guide will help you find the death card that 
you need. Peace be with you all. 

G) Dedication

I would like to dedivcate this guide to someone special whom 
I so dearly care about and love more than I could ever express. 
My wife Charlotte. She is my everything and my all. She is one
heck of a Halo coop partner too lol!! I love you honey!! Shoot 
this is my first real written creation and I want to share it 
with her. Can you blame me? 

H) Disclaimers

This guide is not to be used on any other web site without my 
consent. If you wish to have this guide on your web site Then 
please email me. This guide is also not to be changed in anyway 
or fashion and passed off as your own guide. No offence intended 
but you can write your own. I did. 

I) Copywrites

Copywrite (c) 2008 James Daniel all rights reserved.

Call of duty world at war is a trademark of Activision Copywrite 
(c) 2008.