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Two Point Hospital Firing Staff: How to Sack Staff in Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital, like real-life establishments, allows you to sack staff. The Two Point Hospital Firing Staff mechanic isn’t that difficult to do once you know how. For those just getting to grips with the spiritual successor to Theme Hospital, however, it may not be as obvious as it sounds. Let’s take a look at how to fire your staff in Two Point Hospital.

Two Point Hospital Firing Staff: How to Sack Your Staff

Two Point Hospital lets you sack your staff if you aren’t happy with their in-game traits, such as work ethic or kicking up a fuss over pay. Firing your staff members, whether they’re a janitor or doctor, in Two Point Hospital can be a tricky world to navigate if you’re understaffed but it’s just as easy as hiring them in the first place if you want to get rid.

To begin with, you must locate the staff member that you want to fire from one of your Two Point Hospitals. If it’s a janitor, they’ll be walking around tending to plants or unclogging the toilets. A doctor, nurse, or receptionist should be in the rooms or areas you’ve assigned them to. Once you’ve found the one you want, click on them to bring up their stats showing off their overall happiness, wage packet and more.

Look down that menu and hover over the various clickable actions until you come across the one that reads ‘fire’. Click on that button, and you’ll bring up an in-game message that asks if you really want to press on with this decision. The message will inform you of how good – or bad – that member of staff has performed since they were hired. If you still wish to get rid of them, you can click ‘yes’ underneath the message to terminate their Two Point Hospital contract.