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Two Point Hospital Golden Toilet: How to Get The Golden Toilet

The Two Point Hospital Golden Toilet is one of the rare items that many players of the hospital sim are currently on the lookout for. This gilded commode is rather easy to get and with this guide, your patients will be living the high life while they are hospitalized. Let’s dig in.

What is the Two Point Hospital Golden Toilet?

The Golden Toilet in Two Point Hospital is like any other toilet you can find in the game, except that it is golden. It will reduce the patient’s ‘Toilet Need’ like any other Toilet cubicle you can get in the game, and there appears to be no additional effects.

How to get the Two Point Hospital Golden Toilet?

There is only one way to obtain the Golden Toilet from Two Point Hospital and that is by signing up for the Hospital Pass on the game’s official website. The Hospital Pass is the game’s newsletter, which for signing up to you will not only get the Golden Toilet for free but also updates on the game and “Exclusive promotions and early access to trailer videos”. You will not need to pre-order the game to receive this free DLC. You also do not need to get the game straight away after signing up for the newsletter to receive the Golden Toilet.

The Golden Toilet will still cost you $2000 in the game and you will need to have a Janitor on your staff to construct the brilliant porcelain throne. However, it will be available from the very beginning of the game so you will not need to wait; the item will be available in Hogsport, the game’s first area.

The lovely developers also created a real-life version of the toilet and made a video detailing the creation of it:

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