Box art - Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital Ghosts: How to Get Rid of Ghosts

If there’s one thing that we hate to run into, it’s Two Point Hospital ghosts. As you probably already know, the hospital isn’t the greatest place to be. The food sucks, everyone either wants to natter your ear off or glares at you for making the slightest noise and there’s that prominent bleach smell that you can’t get out of your nostrils for a few days after. Thankfully, Two Point Hospital is a video game and brings its own set of problems for you to deal with that doesn’t involve smell.

No, in fact, it’s something much more drastic. Something that you would say was just a little bit unnerving.

That’s right, you’ve got a ghost problem. But we’re here to help you fix it.

Two Point Hospital Ghosts: Why Are There Ghosts?

Unfortunately, death is a very ‘real’ thing in this video game. Unlike in most other games, when something dies (usually yourself), you can just easily reload and take away the pain. In Two Point Hospital, however, that is simply not the case. Instead of the corpse being prepared for burial after your seriously bad care, there is a chance that the deceased patient will decide it has unfinished business to complete.

As you would expect, some patients and staff won’t be too happy about that. So, what do you do?

Two Point Hospital Ghosts: How To Get Rid of The Ghosts

Who are you going to call? Ghostbusters! Or if you want to be technical about it, Janitor Ghostbusters. Instead of cleaning the toilets, these people will turn their attention of cleansing the spirit of the undead. To get a staff member qualified for this position, they’ll have to have the Ghost-Catching perk, otherwise they’ll be just as useless as an ordinary member of staff in trying to throw the ghost out.