Sonic Unleashed Trophy List


Unlockable                             How to Unlock
100% Clear (Platinum)This is the platinum trophy and is unlocked automatically when all the trophies have been unlocked
Ace Pilot (Silver)Cleared Act 1 of Tornado Defense without taking damage
Airdevil (Bronze)Have mastered the Air Boost technique
Almost There (Bronze)Restored the fifth continent
Basher (Bronze)Have attained Combat Level 5
BFFs (Silver)Became best friends with Chip.
Blue Meteor (Bronze)Reached the Goal of Windmill Isle, Act 2 as Sonic within 2'35"
Blue Streak (Silver)Upgraded all of Sonic the Hedgehog's stats to their maximum levels
Combo King (Silver)Achieved 10,000 total combos
Crasher (Bronze)Have attained Combat Level 15
Creature of the Night (Bronze)Achieved an S Rank with Sonic the Werehog for the first time
Day Tripper (Bronze)Cleared all Sonic the Hedgehog stages
Exotic Toppings (Bronze)Cleared all hot dog stand missions in Mazuri
First Time Customer (Bronze)Bought a product from Wentos
Fried Clam Roll (Bronze)Cleared all hot dog stand missions in Adabat
Full Moon (Silver)Collected all Moon Medals
Get on the Exorcise Bandwagon (Bronze)Exorcised everyone
Getting the Hang of Things (Bronze)Achieved an S Rank with Sonic the Hedgehog for the first time
Gyro with Relish (Bronze)Cleared all hot dog stand missions in Apotos
Half Moon (Silver)Collected half of the Moon Medals
Hard Boiled (Bronze)Cleared all hot dog stand missions in Eggmanland
Hard Day's Night (Bronze)Cleared all Sonic the Werehog stages
Hedgehunk (Bronze)Cleared the Louie Montaine missions in Empire City and the Ana missions in Mazuri
Helping Hand (Bronze)Completed all missions for a townsperson
Hungry Hungry Hedgehog (Silver)Got every type of food
Hyperdrive (Bronze)Have mastered the Lightspeed Dash technique
I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost (Bronze)Cleared the Marcantonio missions in Spagonia
Iced Hotdog (Bronze)Cleared all hot dog stand missions in Holoska
Kebab on a Bun (Bronze)Cleared all hot dog stand missions in Shamar
Ketchup and Mustard (Bronze)Cleared all hot dog stand missions in Empire City
Knockout Brawler (Silver)Defeated 1,000 enemies
Lay the Smackdown (Bronze)Have mastered the Stomp technique
Looking Better (Bronze)Restored the second continent
Oh, You Shouldn't Have! (Bronze)Gave a souvenir to the Professor
One More to Go (Bronze)Restored the sixth continent
Partly Cloudy (Silver)Collected half of the Sun Medals
Picking Up the Pieces (Bronze)Restored the fourth continent
Pig in a Blanket (Bronze)Cleared all hot dog stand missions in Spagonia
Power Overwhelming (Silver)Upgraded all of Sonic the Werehog's stats to their maximum levels
Ring Leader (Silver)Collected 5,000 total rings
Sausage Fried Rice (Bronze)Cleared all hot dog stand missions in Chun-nan
Smasher (Bronze)Have attained Combat Level 10
Social Butterfly (Silver)Talked to all townspeople
Speeding Ticket (Silver)Reached the Goal of Arid Sands, Act 1 as Sonic within 2'50"
Still a Jigsaw Puzzle (Bronze)Restored the third continent
Still Broken (Bronze)Restored the first continent
Sunny (Silver)Collected all Sun Medals
That's Enough, Seriously (Bronze)Gave all souvenirs to the Professor
Thrasher (Bronze)Have attained Combat Level 20
Wall Crawler (Bronze)Have mastered the Wall Jump technique
World Savior (Gold)Cleared the game