PUBG Mobile Silver Fragments: How to Use Silver Fragments in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Silver Fragments are very handy to have on your person. They can help you get all kinds of cool looking weapons, armor, and special accessories to really make you stand out from the crowd, so we understand why their such a hot commodity among the community.

But even so, they are also items that can be hard to understand, especially newcomers who may be wondering what in the fresh hell are these silver things and why does everyone seem to talk about them on Reddit?

Worry no longer, we’ll make you a Silver Fragment expert by the end of this, trust us. Not only will we tell you how to use them, we’ll also be explaining how you get them in the first place.

PUBG Mobile Silver Fragments: How to Use Silver Fragments in PUBG Mobile

The worst thing about not knowing something is finding out how simple it really is. This is the case with PUBG Mobile Silver Fragments, and it really will have you pulling your hair out with frustration. So, you’ve got all of these Silver Fragments and you’re desperate to finally use them. How do you do it?

First, you need to head on over to the PUBG shop, where to the right-hand side you’ll see the options Crates, Limited Time, Others, Armory, and Outfits. Press onto Limited Time and voila, you’ll be able to see what you can purchase using your silver fragments though, as the name suggests, you only have a limited time to do so.

PUBG Mobile Silver Fragments: Where To Get Silver Fragments in PUBG Mobile

It’s all well and good to know how to spend Silver Fragments, but you may be wondering how to get them. That too is rather simple. Do you have multiple items of clothing that you just don’t want anymore and don’t see the point of having? Dismantling them will reward you with Silver Fragments, and that folks, is when you refer to the header above.