iOS 12 Release Date: When Is iOS 12 Coming Out?

iOS users must already be eagerly anticipating the next major update for their iPhone devices, iOS 12. It was initially announced over two months ago at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference. Since late June 2018, many users have already been testing the new OS thanks to the freely available iOS 12 Public Beta, which indicates that the iOS 12 release date might be closer than we think. Read on below to find out when iOS 12 will be releasing.

iOS 12 Release Date: When Is iOS 12 Coming Out?

Apple has confirmed that it will be announcing the iOS 12 Release Date on September 12, 2018. That’s also when the iPhone 9 and iPhone XS will be having its official launch event. The full version of past new iOS versions has often occurred after the official unveiling of the new iPhone devices for that particular year.

Based on what happened in previous years, it seems likely that the iOS 12 release date would arrive sometime in mid-September 2018. That could point to possible release dates ranging from 13 September to 30 September, 2018. Additionally, the company has also confirmed that iOS 12 will be available for all devices that supported iOS 11.

iOS 12 Release Date: iOS 12 Public Beta

While waiting for the full and stable version of iOS 12, perhaps you could try out the public beta version, which is currently in its ninth update. However, keep in mind that the iOS 12 public neta version should be regarded as an unfinished piece of software, which means that there would still be unsolved bugs that might cause problems for your device.

iOS 12 Release Date: iOS 12 Features

iOS 12 is said to feature huge improvements to performance, especially for older devices. It will also introduce a new Measure App, USDZ file format, camera and photo app changes, as well as more improvements to Siri and other apps like Apple News, Stocks, Voice Memos, and CarPlay. Gamers will be glad to know that the iOS 12 will come with the ARKit 2, which will open up new possibilities for multiplayer gaming in augmented reality (AR).