Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia Arena Guide

"Pokemon Ranger: Batonnage" for Nintendo DS, "Arena Guide"
By Mykas0
version 1.0

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0~. Version History
1~. Introduction
2~. Arena Information
3~. Frequently Asked Questions
B_END. Special Thanks
END. Contacts

0~. Version History

-> version 1.0 <-
- Did the entire guide.

1~. Introduction

In order to access the Arena, you must first complete the main storyline
and save your game once the credits are over. Then, go go to sand island's
city, take the exit on the right and board the Wailord, who will take you
to a secret island, where you'll be able to "fight" in the Arena. This
guide covers mostly the events that take place inside that place, where
you have to face rare opponents, and it also gives you tips on how to
defeat them all.

2~. Arena Information

First, be aware that you're only allowed to take your partner with you, in
order to face those battles, and that your opponent for a single room once
you've defeated them. Also, you can save your game, or switch your
partner, after completing each main door, which is certainly a plus.

Take the partner you like the most (I first went for Gible, if you're
curious about it), enter the only open doors and you'll eventually find a
room with a pod-like device. Enter it, and you'll have to fight your very
first opponent, Gardevoir. Provided you took someone who can attack at
long range, this won't be a very hard battle. After you have defeated her,
a new door will open, above this pod. Follow it and you will fight
Toxicroak. His pattern is very predictable, and if you're aware of it he
becomes a fable opponent. Don't be afraid of using Gardevoir, since she
leaves your party after this battle. No matter what, don't leave this
room, as doing so will reset your status.

Once you've completed that room, a new main door opens. Save your game, if
you want, and proceed by that new door. Take the pod and you'll fight a
Shiftry, which is more annoying than strong. Once you've defeat him, go up
DON'T LEAVE THIS ROOM (doing so would make you start from the very
beginning), you'll have to fight a Spiritomb. Feel free to use Shiftry in
this battle (he leaves after it, anyway), along with the support of your
partner, and you won't have much trouble here.

Before heading to the third room, I strongly suggest you switch your
partner to Snover with you, as he'll make everything a lot easier from now
on. When you enter such room, you'll have two pods. Start with the one on
the left to fight a Crobat, who moves quickly but is far from powerful. On
the right one, you will have to fight an Alakazam, which is easy to defeat
if you charge your stylus to the maximum and attempt to circle him every
time he appears on the screen. For the last opponent, you'll have to fight
a Lucario, which ends up being extremely easy to defeat if you just
paralyze him, either by using Alakazam or with Snover's help.

Fourth room, there's a Gabite in the left pod, which is easily captured
with Snover's help. On the right pod there's an Absol, with which you
won't even need any help, as the opponent is rather easy to beat. The
third enemy here is a Heatran, which you can easily capture with Snover's
paralyzing ability. Absol's ability is also a good way to get rid of the
lava puddles, and feel free to use it later in the battle.

Fifth room, start by the middle pod and you'll fight a Gengar. Left one,
there's a Bellossom, which you should try to paralyze as quickly as you
can, or else you'll have an hard time defeating her. On the right you'll
face a Blaziken, which can also be paralyzed by Snover for an easy win. In
the last room you'll face Cresselia, which can be defeated by using the
help of Blaziken, Gengar and Snover.

By completing the previous room you'll gain access to the second floor,
where you'll face some more battles. Go enter, enter the first opened door
and you'll see four other pods. Upper left, Fearow, and you should be very
careful with all his whirlwinds. Upper right, Swellow, he is extremely
fast and pathetically predictable, it may take you a while but you will,
sooner or later, manage to beat him without even suffering any damage at
all. Lower left, Honchkrow, an easy battle, just be careful with his dark
attack, which affects a random area. Lower right, Drifblim, another easy
battle. In the last area you'll have to fight a Gliscor and a Yanmega at
the same time. They aren't that hard, but you may want to paralyze them
and try to encircle both your opponents at the same time. Once you manage
to defeat one of them, the other falls easily.

Second floor, second room, four other pods. Upper left, a Kangaskhan whose
only strenght is a powerful (and almost random) beam, be careful with it
and you'll be fine. Upper right, a predictable Aggron which you're very
likely to defeat without even suffering any damage. Lower left, you'll
face a Tyranitar, which ends up being easy if you just lift your stylus
every time he is about to attack. Lower right, Abomasnow, which can also
be defeated without much effort. In the last area you face a Mamoswine, a
Tangrowth and a Rhyperior, all at the same time. Oddly, they tend to
rarely strike until later in the battle, and that makes it easier for you
to do your task. Use the backup from all the four monsters you've captured
in this room, try to freeze/paralyze all your enemies and I believe you'll
go just fine. Taking Rhyperior down as soon as possible is a good idea,
since he seems to be fairly weaker than he two other companions, and you
should then focus on the other two Pokemon. Another good idea is trying to
encircle as many opponents as possible, if they're all together. It may
take a while, but with the help from the four Pokemon you captured, along
with Snover, you'll have an easier time defeating these three folks.

Second floor, third room, five pods, but before entering I suggest you
switch your current partner for Pachirisu. Upper left, Jolteon, same as he
normally is. Upper right, a Espeon, just check out his pattern, try to
quickly encircle it each time he stops running around and be aware of the
energy balls that sometimes move around this opponent. Pod in the middle
of the room, Eevee, and defeating her is as easy as it sound. Lower left,
Vaporeon, be careful with his water puddles and it won't be very hard. On
the lower right, Flareon isn't that hard either, just check his pattern
and you'll see how predictable he is. Last area, you face a Glaceon, a
Leafeon and a Umbreon, and this is where using Pachirisu really pays off,
since he can paralyze several opponents in a certain area, allowing you to
attack them as you wish, he ends up being very useful against these three
opponents. However, be aware that his paralyzing effect doesn't,
generally, last as long as the one caused by Snover's ice balls, and that
may cause you some trouble, if you're used up to the one

Second floor, fourth room, five pods. Upper left, Ariados, he isn't strong
at all but his webs, which he uses all the time, may actually cause you
some problems. Upper right, Cacturne, feel free to encircle him as much as
you want, just be sure to lift your stylus whenever he stops moving, since
that means that he is about to attack. Middle pod, a Banette
though such monster isn't that strong he may cause a few troubles, with
 purple flames that often surround its position - paralyze this
Pokemon when he has no flames surrounding its position for an easy
capture. Lower left, Houndoom, extremely predictable, just be careful with
his dark attack, which is very unpredictable. Lower right, you'll face a
predictable Garchomp, just be careful with the puddles he causes and you
won't have much trouble. For the last area, you'll face four Weavile and a
Drapion, which will surely cause you a lot of trouble. Once again,
Pachirisu's aid becomes really important here, since it allows you to stun
and easily capture a large group of enemies at once. I strongly suggest
you try to capture all the Weavile before advancing to the Drapion, since
they're the biggest challenge to do any captures here, with all the
running around. It may take you few tries to finally manage to complete
this one, but if you use Pachirisu I'm sure you'll have an easier time
doing so.

Now, you gain access to the third floor. So, head to the first room and
you will have to face a Magmortar and an Electivire at the same time. None
of those are too tough, and this barely poses you any problems by now, but
you may want to use Pachirisu's power to stun both opponents at once and
take advantage of that opportunity to encircle them both at once. Also,
you may want to leave Electivire for last, since he causes slightly less
trouble than his companion.

Next, third floor, second room, you have to fight Empoleon, Infernape and
Torterra. Once more, Pachirisu's power ends up being very useful, as these
three enemies tend to cross each other's paths very often, and you should
use such fact to your advantage. Start by taking Empoleon down, due to his
obvious weakness, proceed with Infernape (he is possibly the strongest of
the three) and finally get rid of Torterra, who barely poses any problems
by itself.

Final floor, you have to fight Charizard, Flygon and Salamence at the same
time. They're extremely powerful, and the best way to defeat them is to
follow the strategy I've mentioned before - use Pachirisu's to stun all
three opponents when they cross each other's paths, and then encircle them
as quickly as you can. If you do this properly, each time all your enemies
restart moving you will have a filled bar, enough for you to use your
partner's power once again, an action that you should perform without
further delay. Repeat, ALWAYS repeat this same strategy, and soon one of
your enemies will go do. Try to leave Salamence for last (strangely, he is
the weakest of the three), and you'll go fine. If you just can't beat this
battle, try to go out and gain some more levels - remember, the higher
your level the more power you have, and in order to damage such powerful
beasts you may surely want that extra damage.

Once you've completed this part of the game, the result is certainly
disappointing. Instead of gaining access to some ultra powerful Pokemon,
or some rare one, you merely gain a medal stating that you have completed
the Arena, and anothing more. Certainly disappointing, if you bear in mind
that some of the quests stated below were a lot easier and gave better
rewards than what you receive by completing this part of the game.

3~. Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions you may have about this game, hope you find them

Q: Are pokemon an it/she/he ?

A: Haven't got a clue, and that's probably one of the major problems in
   this guide, as I don't usually know how to mention them. So, you can
   just go and call them whatever you want.

Q: I have some questions on the in-game missions, what should I do?

A: Apart from this smaller guide, covering a small part of the game, be
   aware that I also wrote an entire FAQ/Walkthrough for this game, which
   you can download in http://faqs.ign.com/articles/862/862349p1.html . I
   hope you like it, since it probably contains answers to almost every
   question you may have about this very same game.

That's all for this section...

B_END. Special Thanks

I want to thank the following people:

- Everyone who made this game;

- Everyone who likes my works, it's for those people that I like to work
  in this type of project;

- Everyone I forgot to credit (if anyone at all...).

End. Contacts

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