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Spider-Man Xbox One or PC: Will Spider-Man PS4 Come to Other Platforms?

The Spider-Man PS4 release date is only one week away. For fans of both the webslinger and developer Insomniac Games, it’s been a long wait for a new Spider-Man video game. That wait will be over in seven days’ time when Spider-Man drops on Sony’s console, but what about Spider-Man on Xbox One or PC? Is there any indication that Insomniac will bring the iconic Marvel superhero to Microsoft’s Xbox One console or PC in the future?

Spider-Man PS4: Is it Coming to Xbox One or PC?

As of right now, no. Sony and Insomniac Games have an exclusive deal that prevents Spider-Man from releasing on any other platform. That’s disappointing news for Microsoft in particular, but their exclusive agreement with Insomniac for one of their previous AAA titles Sunset Overdrive means that both big video game companies have had their share of Insomniac heartache in recent years.

Insomniac’s history with Sony stretches further back than it ever has with Microsoft. They developed other games such as Ratchet & Clank, Disruptor and Spyro the Dragon for Sony’s various PlayStation consoles. Really, Spider-Man‘s exclusivity on PlayStation 4 should come as no surprise.

Spider-Man PS4: Will it Ever Come to Xbox One or PC?

Insomniac has previous for releasing other titles on multi-platforms, with Fuse and Song of the Deep two of their games that have landed on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. With Spider-Man PS4, however, we have a game published by Sony Interactive Entertainment itself. That would mean, barring a minor miracle, there’d be very little chance of the game ever appearing on Xbox One or PC.

Insomniac did tell one fan on Twitter that Spider-Man would “never” be coming to Xbox One. Whether that’s tongue-in-cheek is hard to say, but it could well be that, if Spider-Man is made available on other platforms, it may only come to PC.