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Fortnite Getaway Limited Time Mode: What Is the New Fortnite Getaway Mode?

Epic Games has teased the new Fortnite Getaway limited time mode, which is scheduled to be released next week. Fortunately, for those players who absolutely must know everything Fortnite-related as soon as possible, the developer has also announced a livestream to take place during PAX. The Getaway mode will be part of the upcoming High Stakes event, which should give players plenty of new challenges and content to earn.

Fortnite Getaway Limited Time Mode: What Is the New LTM?

The Fortnite Getaway limited time mode will be next week’s featured LTM, replacing the Solid Gold and 50v50 Solid Gold modes that are currently available. It isn’t yet clear what the new Getaway mode will entail, as it’s a brand new game type that players have never seen before.

Epic Games really isn’t giving anything away about what exactly players will be asked to do in the new Fortnite Getaway mode. Those secrets will be unveiled during the PAX livestream, which is scheduled to run all weekend long.

With that said, it’s possible to guess what the Getaway mode will be, as Epic Games has hinted at a theme of casinos with card suits. After playing Score Royale, we’ve seen that bronze, silver, and gold coins are all mechanics that are already available in the game. I think it’s fairly safe to assume that these coins will be reused for this upcoming mode. Perhaps players will need to gather X amount of coins to win the game. Or maybe coins need to be collected and then deposited.

There’s a lot of potential for the new Fortnite Getaway mode to offer some truly unique gameplay. I foresee players needing to gather and hold coins until depositing them safely. If a player gets killed, they drop all the coins that they had been carrying. This is all purely speculation, but I can see it working well!

This mode may also be tied to the new Fortnite Wild Card skin, which is sure to be popular amongst skin collectors!