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How to Carve Insects In Monster Hunter World

Asking how to carve insects in Monster Hunter World won’t always get you a solid answer. When Monster Hunter World wants you to grab something like a Hornetaur Shell, you might be left feeling confused as to why your Capture Net goes right through it, or that there’s nothing to carve when you damage it like any other monster. Big bugs like Vespoids and Hornetaur might count as “Small Monsters”, but you can’t just beat them up and carve them like Gajau or Kestodon. We’ll show you the delicate process of how to carve insects in Monster Hunter World.

How to Carve Insects In Monster Hunter World

Just about everything in Monster Hunter World has a purpose whether it’s dead, alive, stationary, or animated. They can all either be picked up and made into a potion, or carved from a carcass and used to make armor for your next fight.

Parts from Hornetaur, Vespoids, and other insects are required in plenty of Delivery Requests and Investigations. You can’t capture them like Large Monsters, nor can you snag them in your Capture Net. Hitting them with your weapon just makes them explode into tiny pieces and doesn’t award any item or part. Knowing how to carve insects in Monster Hunter World will make grabbing these very specific items much easier.

The trick to obtaining insect carves is to deal tiny amounts of damage so that the target dies a more natural death without exploding from a few too many knocks with a hammer. But don’t think you have to inconvenience yourself by going back to camp to grab a weak weapon or scurry around looking for rocks to sling. Just equip your Capture Net and fire away.

The Capture Net does around two points of damage to things like Vespoid. Luckily, these nuisances only have around 10-12 HP anyway, so six or so hits should be enough to knock them down so that they’re ready to carve.

Most have two distinct drops, so if you’re not finding the exact piece you need after a few, double check that you’re on the right Rank. Low-Rank and High-Rank encounters offer different rewards. You can double-check which Rank includes specific carves by checking out the monster’s entry in your Hunter’s Notes.