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PUBG Training Mode: What Is PUBG’s Training Mode?

PUBG Training Mode had to have been one of the most-asked-for features from the community, and thanks to their skills of persuasion (aka asking continuously), PUBG Corp have caved and there will indeed be a training mode that will let you explore every single aspect of PUBG without being worried that you’re making a fool of yourself in front of everyone.

What’s more, it also allows beginners to finally have a chance to understand the basics of the game instead of diving headfirst into a game where they may only last a few minutes before being ripped into shreds. It’s sad but true.

But what does the training mode offer?

PUBG Training Mode: What Does PUBG’s Training Mode Do?

As you may have guessed from the title alone, the mode is made specifically for those who want to improve themselves. According to the official announcement from the PUBG team, 5-20 players will be able to load into the mode and come to grips with the game’s features. This means that parachute landing, vehicle racing and jumping, weapon training, and even peek shooting? All of this will be available for you to practice at your own pace.

It sounds like a great way to expose beginners, yes, but the team has said that the mode will be suitable for “more serious players, who should enjoy learning about deeper gunplay – how the attachments, scopes, recoil, zeroing, and bullet-drop influence their shots.”

PUBG Training Mode: Changes Coming To The PUBG Training Mode

Of course, nothing is really perfect, and as expected there will be more than a few changes as the team get to work trying to balance out the training zone’s features. Currently, aspects like the range targets distance, the parachute range, the CQC course and the vehicle tracks are all still in development and are subject to change.

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